Taking the Fifth


Is being a grown man or a mature woman so bad?


We always think when something is new it is better. Even if you are an antique hound like myself, I still love the new find the best.  Where am I going with this? Well it’s something I have wanted to write about for a while but didn’t want to alienate anyone however…


Why are women competing with their daughters and fathers with their sons? I remember when working on an exhibition, a photographer asked me this exact question. He was a South African photographer who had photographed Mandela’s wedding to Winnie however he became famous for getting the word out about Apartheid.


After Mr. Magubane asked me that question I watched and as sure as he said it, American women were trying to be sexually viable well into their sixties and even seventies. We women have been made to believe our only value was whether we could get a man to sleep with us and that is so wrong. We have so much more in worth than that.


Since the economy has taken a plunge and the middle class is almost extinct, women and men have been staying in the job market well past the 62-66 year retirement age. It takes two salaries to head a household in America, so we elders are still hustling to make ends meet. This has taken the natural order out of sync.


I see elders doing jobs normally reserved for teenagers because with the end of industrialization all the blue collar jobs have disappeared and technological jobs for those born during the Kennedy era or before is almost out of the question. Returning to school, or saving for the future could remedy this, but we don’t teach that any longer or what we had been taught is no longer right. Most people spend more than one week’s salary for their rent­—an old economic adage.


However when I see young women feeling isolated because they are in competition with the presumed cute girl or the girl with a power job and now her mother and friends, my heart hurts. Older woman have the power and knowledge to make a young man weep (if they’ve kept their figure) so it’s not quite fair. But all is fair in love and … And we wonder why our young girls are dressing like strippers or playing dumb to get a guy.


I was at the dentist and saw a woman in her eighties in leotards and a t-shirt while her husband shuffled beside her in his khakis and plaid button down shirt. It was weird. There is even a young comedian who has this as part of her routine, “Not nana, you don’t want to sleep with butterscotch candy giving, Nana!”


Now I am an older woman and I will not give up my options of dress. I love jeggings and comfy clothes and wearing plaid and flowers together, but I will not hit on my daughter’s friends nor would I be interested in anyone who is interested in dating someone half their age.


Okay there is always the exception to the rule. That wise young man/woman who sincerely falls for the older type. Heck, my dad was fifteen years younger than my mother. I get it, but to consciously go out after young beauty when you are old is being a predator, kinda, or it stunts the growth of the elder—neither great scenarios.


I can’t even find age appropriate clothing for myself without spending money on European designers or having it made. Americans have been so duped into thinking their worth is synonymous with how many people want to sleep with them that we have hindered the growth of everyone.


I remember ages ago hearing that the age of Aquarius or the Golden Age of Enlightenment would lay to rest the definitions of sex, gender, age and race and it would make the sexual revolution of the seventies look like a children’s party and I truly look forward to it. However until we get there (consensual loving heart felt sex) it would be nice for the youth to have the respect they deserve.


Here’s wishing we all find our Divine soul mates and live in peace and harmony and prosperity with great sex that climaxes us into the seventh dimension.


And so it is!





Being Practical


What if we got everything we wished for, then what? What if everyone had everything they needed? What if every person on this planet had a couple million in savings in the bank; how would it affect the economy?


Before this planet was taken over by some beings using the greed of the big banking families as its tool, it was a proverbial Eden. Everyone had what they needed and if we needed something else we traded for it. We spent the rest of our day on spiritual or metaphysical or other practical matters. We learned about our neighbors and how to live in harmony with life. We studied the seasons and what dirt grew what. We listened to our animal brethren and watched what they ate and how they managed to live in harmony with All There Is. We were excited for the different seasons that brought different tastes and sights and precipitation.


We used to live in sync with life so we were fine tuned for how to remedy things when things got out of sync. Life was easy. So why and how did we complicate it? We didn’t. We simply went to sleep and never woke up. The proverbial Sandman realized that we were made exactly in the creator’s image so we could do some very fun things. We were not only very talented but we would be loyal and compassionate slaves that could be programmed to do pretty much anything they wished.


So they said let’s make it cool for stores to be open seven days a week (more money) and it was done. Now let’s market to younger children (real parents never deny them anything) so it too was done. Let’s make them believe they have to line the entire brush with toothpaste or else (and advertising was born) and that was done. So all they had to do was put on a white coat and hat and call themselves the good guys and you bought whatever they were selling; whether you needed it or not.


Now we are all somewhat aware of how we got here, we just need to find a better way to get back there—to Eden. This time we won’t get bored and create havoc just to see what it will look like—hopefully. We will know how to challenge ourselves in an amusingly daring, encouraging, healing, miraculous way. We will explore exactly how much of Its image we are!


I can imagine the first time Jesus the Christ walked on water. Wow! That must have made learning to ski look like crawling in comparison. What fun it must have been for him to master his ability to create.


When I was going through one of the hardest times ever, I learned a new trick we humans have that I never noticed before. (Well unless I was watching a Dr. Doolittle movie.) I could hear animals speaking. My nephew’s cat would not leave the house we were moving out of. I tried to catch this cat and I never succeeded so I finally let him stay. I would go in and feed him in this house he had to himself. One time he thanked me and literally told me the food was yummy. Surprise. I was really surprised—shocked.


I know of a group here in the city where I live that is exploring telekinesis together and getting pretty good at it. I am always trying to sync my mind with my family so I will be aware of when I am needed. Also I can’t tell you how easy a long cross-country trip is when you ask the crows to watch the road for you. You can literally shave off 25% of the time you would have spent driving.


There is so much to learn about the world we’ve forgotten we are a part of; first is to admire and love it. Can you imagine how easy it will be when we all unite for a few minutes each day? What if we all got up and watched the sunrise together, and in that moment we set an intention for the purest air possible and fresh water to fall down on those areas lacking a pure water supply.


What if we decided that each city would have a community orchard and gardens that would be a shared endeavor? That stores were only present to display those items we individually designed. That all needs were socialized and kept in the city stores and replenished as they are used. All jobs are now specialized because only those with a passion for the knowledge of that errand would address it, lifting it from a chore to a pleasure.


Money has done nothing but make one feel more or less than thus money will never be used. The energy needed will be exchanged for other energy. Thus every baker, or chef or launderer, or mason or potter or tailor would be honored for his or her real worth. We would only have clothes that define and embrace our individual uniqueness and so forth and so on until we have only what fits our lives to a T—truthfully.


I have been known to say we were not kicked out of Eden we left and I still believe that’s true. Well, for all but the Aborigines (the YirYonte of Australia or the San of South Africa or the Hopi or Tibetans…). They still only use what the need and have never cut off their connection to Earth or Sky and walk about until they can hear Earth Mother’s wisdom. They are simply in balance. That’s how simple it is.


So when you are turning your wheels and yelling at the TV and fighting to be heard, remember, “Life is for living.” I understand, it’s always nice to partake in the whole enchilada, so let’s stop the binary opposition and the polarizing good/bad stuff; yuck enough already. This is as that is and they are both there for a reason. If it is there then no mistake has been made. I promise you.


So my friends, here’s to embracing all life—sentient or non. May we align with its delightful frequency and harmonize it into the largest spherical music scene this universe has ever heard!


Singing for life!




8 The Lion Gateway Is Opening 8


Each year on August 8th when the sun is in the sign of Leo the earth aligns with the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius. When this occurs the Great Central Sun in the Galactic Center sends out a surge of energy to our Sun, the star Sirius and the Earth’s grid point where the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza line up, and then a star gate opens up pouring Divine Light energy into the planet from source Itself.


What does all this mean? This gateway will facilitate an incredible period of accelerated ascension. This intense surge of light will awaken and activate the human energy fields by transmitting high vibration frequencies and codes into our DNA. We are getting a heavenly upgrade.


These light infusions have been happening since early July. The first wave of codes started on July 5th. The second star gate opening followed on the 12th through the 13th and a third happened when the sun entered Leo on the 22nd. However the big finale wave of star codes and ascension downloads will peak on August 8th, next Tuesday.


The Sirius star system has always worked closely with the evolution of Earth. They established the ancient Egyptian civilization after the Atlantis debacle had destroyed all previous civilizations. The Egyptians carried the star wisdom and creation history of the Elohim, which was transmitted to the Earth by the Sirian Wisdom Keepers.


I don’t mean to go all sci-fi spiritually wonky on you, however I did want you to know this has been the way of the stars for the life of the stars themselves. Think of it as getting the latest upgrade of your DNA possible. You will now be able to handle more light and thus more information like going from 8 rams to 16 rams in a flash.


Now when that much change occurs its bound to make you feel a little wonky. You may get dizzy or feel exhausted, or panic easily and become anxious, or get angry for no reason. Our emotional bodies are searching for its authentic self. Release the past and go forward because we are getting ready to walk into the light but we will get to keep the body template when doing it. We will even begin to reverse the signs of aging. Exciting, eh.


Some things are definitely going to change. For example, some friends may drift away or you may lose your job or find yourself with nothing in your bank account. This new light upgrade may shine its light on anything that is no longer working for you. But it does this so we have the chance to let it go. It may not feel great for a moment but frankly we never even knew it felt unnatural until moments ago so, smile. Now we can get rid of those parasites and old programming, that silly diagnosis and low self-esteem and anything else we were harboring that wasn't in alignment with who we were. We are a divine light beings getting the latest infusion of light possible!


People will be waking up in mass. Some we thought we knew are going to shock us and others we may meet that we didn’t know before will feel like family. Our star family will be able to recognize us now because we will stand out like stars at the top of the Christmas tree.


So with all that’s going on, we must up our game in our spiritual practices. We have to be vigilant with our spiritual hygiene. Meditate, get rest, take a walk in nature and ground, ground, ground. And remember, we have help. We have our own teams and guardians and ancestors and light workers to help us on this path. And if it starts to feel uncomfortable say, “Whoa, slow down and let me integrate this first please.”


I find walking and dancing and sleep to be my favorite activities during these times. And water, tons of water. Coconut, electrolyte infused, alkalized or creek water even tap (add some lemons or cucumber, yum) will do the job. Just keep hydrated. Also any vitamin for the nervous system helps too - your B’s and bioplasma salts and raw chocolate…


However the best ingredient is simply to be as gentle and loving to ourself as we possibly can because this may take a while. Heck, we still have the total solar eclipse happening August 21st to look forward to, but one moment at a time.


Right now in this beautiful moment take emotional inventory. Throw out those old files and organize those you wish to keep. Make an intention for restoring your physical body to its original perfected template, reassess your divine purpose and renew your contract or let go and create something else that expands the light on Earth using your unique expression and then allow the universe to work its magic through you!


We have spent lifetimes preparing for just this moment. And no worries, everyone will be given the choice to ascend because it’s time to consciously evolve. Congratulations on all your loving work, as above now below.


See you soon in the Fifth!



PS ~ Please note that August 7th is a total lunar eclipse so this Lion's Gateway will be doubly charged!




Poppies Will Make You Sleep ~


Poppies will make you sleep,” said the wicked witch of the west. And capitalism has been selling some opiate to keep you asleep so they can put their hands in your purses ever since creating their first HMO.


Now anyone that knows me, knows I have a problem with western medicine. First they force you by law to go to their stupid doctors and then you go and you go again and you go some more and you don’t get well. What other profession gets to keep its customer’s when having such shitty statistics. People if you aren’t getting better why do you still see these people? The answer: the Law.


The law says you have to go to your HMO or they will discontinue your heath care. Hmmmm… So now we all know Health Care for profit does no one any good except the pharmaceuticals companies so the over medication of America begins. But then a few high profile people die from over-medication so the Law steps in again and says well, maybe we should not proscribe the drugs as freely. YOU THINK!


So now we have a great deal of the population addicted to anti-depressants or, opiates or sleeping pills or antibiotics or anti leg moving syndrome or whatever other drug they’ve created to up the ante for them. (Can you hear the Hopi drumming in the background? Can you hear their prophecy coming to be?) But somehow the people start waking up! So the government has to pretend like it is too. Thus it’s now getting harder to get a good prescription of opiates.


But from under the rock out in the fields those that profit from the misery of others have been foreseeing this exact scenario. Especially since the government has gone into their business for the government’s own profit. Since legalizing marijuana the pot growers have been replacing hemp with poppies. Tons of flowering fields of poppies are somewhere Marijuana use to be. These men who have been handling the black market are businessmen. They know what addicts will do to sate an urge. And in the case of pill-popping opiate addicts, it’s heroin!


Now I hate telling sad tales but this is a serious issue and it takes all prisoners. It doesn’t care your pay grade or skin color or sex or if you live in a Crystal City or a stone cold inner one. It will take you down. It doesn’t care. It has no caring frequency to it!


When visiting back east I was going to the post office and I watched a young man in his 20s walking down the street turn his head to the left and vomit and never miss a step. His drugs had just kicked in. The police in this small, near Amish country town, traveled the streets with works in their pockets in case someone was OD’ing.


So please if you are using any opiate or oxy or anything you have become addicted to, ask yourself something? What would you do if this substance were gone tomorrow? If I may make a suggestion, please? Start weaning yourself off opiates today. Because heroin is going to be your only option soon and that is not an option. And if you think I am exaggerating just mosey up the hill and people watch and you will see the effects of opiate addiction around you everywhere.


It’s going to be difficult to slowly get your body back to feeling what it feels but the good news is once you begin feeling again, all life is possible! Also you don’t have to do this alone. Get help. Suck on cinnamon sticks. Add nutmeg to your coffee. Drink Chamomile tea and walk in nature. Wash your body with tears and stop suppressing your thoughts. You are and have the right to be who you are.




And so it is.


Welcome back!




Wholly holy moley!


I have been back from a sojourn in New York and I still feel my heart crying out on the Staten Island Ferry. I was there only a week ago however it was like I had just arrived on Ellis Island.


I watched numerous immigrants take their children on the free ferry to get away from the heat in the city. I was doing the same. You could buy fresh apple cider from upstate and the best little doughnuts this side of the Pacific and Atlantic. They were yummy. Okay I have been doughnut deprived but they were perfectly sweetened and light and a great consistency for dunking. It was heaven.


I flirted with the cutest little risk-taker! He was around two-years-old and his Middle Eastern family dared not let him out of his stroller. The proof being a cut above his eye that frightened his parents as much for his health as fear of the authorities that might think they were abusing him. He was trying to escape his seatbelt. I fell in love with him.


But I got distracted by a group of Hindu mothers and daughters that were giggling at how the wind and sea breeze flirted with their hair and clothes. I too was hanging my head over the railing like a golden retriever. And I barked my gratitude to Lady Liberty as we rode past her standing in the bay with her torch lit up. It was magic. So magical that I must say it was my favorite moment in the three days of moments I spent in New York.


So I carried that feeling with me into the theater that night to watch Sami Blod—a Swedish film about the cultural genocide of the Laplanders, told through the eyes of a beautiful young Lapp girl. The Swedes did what most ruling classes do, they stole the children of the native people and sent them away to school to measure their heads and noses and teach them how to be a good Swede while telling them they would never be anything more than the fowl indigenous animals that they accused them of being. And I cried. I cried not only for the Lapp girl who had her identity stolen from her but for all the peoples of the world who continue to allow this behavior.


Why are we so afraid of the indigenous cultures of the lands we live on? They have been massacred and mutilated and raped into a thin strand of their DNA but we still aren’t happy until they are swearing aloud we are you, when they are clearly who they are.


Since the beginning of time people have tried to kill off those tribesmen and women who live in harmony with earth. But what is killing me is we are almost at the end of times and we still are doing this. China is trying to kill its grandparent Tibet and the Israelis are still attacking their first cousin’s the Palestine and the Serbs and the the Croats and Turks in the Ukraine have been fighting so long in Eastern Europe they haven’t a clue what their nations are called anymore and the tribal genocides in Africa are taking ethnic cleansing to the darkest days in the history of mankind and why?


When we are in sync with nature, we have all the knowledge of creation at our fingertips. We can command the seas and open the skies and restore balance on Earth in alignment with the heavens! We will be able to create in our own images an ascended life of  perfected harmony. We could expand the light so far that we wouldn’t need binary opposition to define the negative and positive because we will only see the whole of it!


Being a part of the whole does not eradicate your individuality. It enlarges it. We’d have more understanding, more friends, a deeper awareness, less need to define, the ability to telecommunicate, and bi-locate and absorb by osmosis and transmute it back into matter that will be used again. And then we’d continue the cycle of life over and beyond. We would expand the energy into a living and loving adaptation of itself and then wonderfully season it from spring to fall into its next perfect cycle of life.


Don’t you love it! Isn’t it beautiful! It is as we are and I am!


Eternally grateful,





CHCHCHChanges! Time to make a change!


Good morning, cosmic travelers!


How are you doing today? I’m fine thank you—even better than that, I’m healing. I have no issues with anything today. Do you want to know why? I saw the power of change and I saw it at a wedding. Loving events—especially loving events with family—have the power to clear lifetimes of emotional debris.


Last night I finally read Salman Rushdie’s Haroun and the Sea of Stories. It’s been on my bookshelf for years. It was all about taking our power back and using it to unify binary opposition not using it to separate us even more. Or that’s what I got out of it.

To give you an idea of how deeply the universe is conspiring with us to take the proverbial quantum leap into our new being of empowered loving delight, the first words that came at me this weekend was MF. Yes that’s right. No, this wasn’t a Bernie Mac stand up routine. It was someone explaining to me the origins of the word MotherF*&^er.


When the Africans were being enslaved it was a costly affair so the slave owners made their males slaves sleep with any woman there—frequently their mothers. Hang in there with me there is light at the end of this tunnel. Well as the evening went on I took note of how many African American women have incest in their lineage or history, and of course like most women on this planet the abuse came in around 80%.


But what hit me next was even more awe inspiring. We women were giving our male relatives and friends of the family compassionate permission. We were protecting these men because we were present at incest’s conception when our sons were made to sleep with and yada, yada. Now my white brethren don’t go “Enough already, mea culpa,” that is not the point of this story in the least. It’s what happens next!


Well a beautifully optimistic lady and one of my most favorite people in this world said no to an elder who has been inappropriate; not physically but emotionally. She decided that her permission to be abused stopped right there and the other women in the family supported her decision and allowed her to feel safe. But she was her own heroine. She used her will accordingly and with respect and love for herself. Amazing huh!


We are so busy protecting bad behavior that we forget we have the right to live in alignment with behavior’s loving idiosyncrasies. We forget we have the power to stop all that is no longer serving us or is without love and concern for our concerns. We have stopped being used by loving more, being courageous, saying no, taking a nap, resting, not answering that phone or text, paying ourselves first, (remember that one,) and laughing with life not at life. We can and will be the protagonist in our stories and lovingly guide the villain down another path so our challenges enlighten us—not darken our spirits.


The Dalai Lama was quoted as saying the world would be saved by western women. I thought that meant we would all start a new suffragette movement and stop having sex with capitalist corporate colonizers and… But His Holiness' statement is way simpler than that. When the women of the occidental countries stand in their power they will make men rise up and grow in compassionate strength and wisdom and give the rest of the women of the world the courage to obey the tenants of their Creator as it was written—not decreed by man. Exciting, huh!


So my cosmic traveler, ask yourself what would you like to see change in your immediate surroundings and make that change. If its simply putting a bowl on the table next to the door so you have a designated place for your keys, do it! One small step of compassionate understanding for what you have endured and are going through will take you miles up the road to balanced blissful living.


I promise you this!





Where is the gentleman in gentrification?


Gentrification is defined as the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste. Yikes.  I’ve never been found of middle class tastes.  I like spicy food and sound and music coming out of the windows and land all around me. And to be able to run out my back door into the arms of mother nature. But soon we won’t be able to do that anymore. How did we get here!


When I looked up the origin of the word it derived from the Gentry – those people who owned land.  So as far back as the last couple thousand years those that own land have had more rights than those that don’t.  Heck they even have a title – Gentry.  However, they are considered gentlemen because they own something thus it’s a bought title.


I have been coming to the desert some 30 years now and I have seen it go from waiting in your car to let an animals pass, to free camping in the mountains and ten dollar showers in town, to Big Boxed stores arriving and turnabouts being installed to make sure you can find their front doors. But what truly gets my goat which is no longer allowed within city limits is our very image, the reputation that drew tourist here is being washed away and hidden now. Everyone seems ashamed of the old hippies and Dharma bums and vision questers that followed the moccasin footsteps of the indigenous into the desert.  They have painted everything red or pink and drive through it until the earth is eroding and the water is being drunk or amusedly evaporated away and they raised the rents so high those that work here can’t live here anymore.


When a landowner said to me that “The tourists”—i.e. those low-class and Mexican immigrants, “Don’t really add to the economy,” I was shocked and I am still trying to get my head around that comment.  Did she mean nature shouldn’t be available to the poor or that one must pay to visit the red rocks?  Or maybe she meant that the red rocks were better viewed or appreciated by gentle land-owners like herself? (*She called The Others by their names like Scottsdale people, or East Coasters or Europeans…)


What makes these gentlemen think their way is always better? Why do they think owning a piece of this planet gives them the right to replace her beauty with their plastic toxic scent?  And the irony is as they capitalize on their colonial gentrification of the beautiful spots on earth, they go out into the open plains they banished the first peoples to and take pictures of the final frontiers of pristine beauty left in this country. Then they try to find a way to buy up the reservations so they can create the same atrocity all over again. If it weren’t for the reservations, there wouldn't be an open space left anywhere.


So dear gentleman, take your middle class and perfumed ways of materialism and shove it in your plastic bags and swallow it whole. We’ll be sitting over here on the ground in our old recycled jeans and vintage silver eating some sunflower seeds.


How’s that plastic going down, sir?


With a conscience,




PS - Please know I have a place I go and pray every day so I may manifest the funds needed to build a youth hostel so all income levels may partake in the land they live upon.  In the interim there is couch surfing and Air BNB and other opportunities to enjoy the CC or other areas without forgoing paying your student loans that month. But then again no TRW number or lbs or kilos or letters of PHD, BA, DDS or whatever other nonsense defines you anyway.  That’s a purely heartfelt matter.





We were never kicked out of Eden. We left!

Listen, there is no escaping our mis-creations. And going to another planet and committing the same atrocities is down right silly. (*See What’s New.) What we should be searching for is how to return Earth to its natural order. How are we going to stop creating a plastic toxic version of this planet so we can be happy with the beautiful grass-covered, sky-roofed house we inherited?


I understand you are doing what you can. You are recycling and buying organic and writing your congressmen about labeling GMO’s. You are going herbal and staying away from pharmaceuticals and making your own organic cleaning solutions with vinegar and baking soda. You are buying second hand and tithing to organizations that keep endangered species in the forefront of our news. You are wearing hemp and vegan leather, and rescuing puppies or kittens. I get it. I hear you and I applaud you. BUT what are you doing differently?


We are still consuming more and discarding shit that won’t decompose in our lifetimes. We still accept stereo types as reality and only trust empirical philosophies that are now exploiting those same beliefs they called primitive only a hundred years ago. We are still trying to possess a land that only belongs to Earth. Instead of calling it colonialism we are now labeling it a corporate take over, but same thing. Not much has changed, but your awareness of it! And that, my friend , is huge!


We don’t have dominion over Earth we are simply her stewards. So go out and take good care of her please. Nurture her plant life and insect family so they can continue to pollinate our existence. Stop killing and imprisoning her four-legged children so they don’t go mad and make us sick from their grief. Share your homes with others. One lawnmower per street suffices instead of every greedy little piggie needing what they will not use in the first place. But most importantly love her.


Let’s stop complaining and separating ourselves from one another so we are able to connect that perfect pattern of light-life existence. We were never kicked out of Eden. We left. The lower vibration of material existence called and we heeded it. But like the stages of human maturity we can grow up and find joy in co-existing. We can be at peace with whatever is happening. In fact the more light we shine on any issue will help clear it of all unnatural, negative conditions.


With your love and hope and faith in restoring natural order on this planet we can shape shift it back to its divine perfection. It really is that easy


Sooooo. Step into the light and open! 


With love,



Coud Atlas – A film in review some five years later

..Cloud Atlas is not about karma, (for yes when you hurt someone that effect will come back to haunt you some day, some way, in some other form,) it’s about right now, this now, this present moment of your genetic coding aligning with the central sun of the master coding so in one huge fearless jump, you lift up and into another class of being. Are you ready, get set—now go! JUMP!

Leaping into love.


Isn’t it strange how little changes in life? Reading that excerpt from an old post some 5 years later, I realized I have been saying the same thing all my life—we can choose our reality. We the human species are absolutely made in the divine image so we have the ability to self-create.


Yes there are those that are jealous of that. They have been born with involuntary adaptability, meaning they’ll go from tadpole to frog whether they’ve been good or bad. The gift of this is they don’t see life from a binary opposing view as those of us with self-awareness do. They are simply what they are instinctually. But we humans are good one day and bad another.


So let’s cut to the chase, or better yet let’s cut a rug and just go dancing on our paths. Why worry that you don’t hold the last trump or that someone has control over your good, (that’s not even true,) just prepare your life in your own image given the fact that others are doing the same.


 Don’t be like me and step out of it all to do this. You are young and strong and can create your life with you as the star anyway you wish. But a little advice if I may, it will only expand or create more light, (i.e. prosper, grow, invent itself, renew…) if you align it with the proverbial great source of light. Now that is whatever god or source or creator or origin means to you. To me, it simply means natural order —nature.


 I like getting up with the sun and closing the night staring at the stars and having a moment to write and create, make love and eat chocolate, and pray that all other beings of life-form, (which is pretty much everything else,) are given the freedom to do so too. So let's go out and create some magic today my friends. And connect our dots of perfection with one another until we light up this universe like fireworks in the sky on a summer night.


I see you glowing!