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“If you can’t find the magic, you aren’t looking.” Cecilia Ampon


Good morning Human Beings! Spoken in my best Robin Williams and keeping in line with celebrating the Vets. Hi all. We are all veterans in some way or another. We never stop fighting, eh—especially ourselves, but are we winning? Okay I love the smart aleck (me) who just said it’s not whether you win or lose its how you play… Well, that’s right. So have you been playing nicely and treating yourself and others with the respect they deserve? When’s the last time you laughed? Oh be honest, I mean a true from your gut laugh!


Every moment in the day is magic guys if you are listening. For example I have this favorite teacher and she always says when in a dead horse or goddess squat (call it what you will). You know, that moment when your thighs are burning and you want to cuss. Well she sweetly reaches her arms out (making her upper torso parallel with the ground, mind you) and says, “Why are you so far?”


Well it cracks me up on so many levels. Normally in that moment I have left my body and have started planning my day or I’m gritting my teeth or something so it immediately brings me back into my body or I simply laugh which helps me breath or better yet it simply makes my heart open up wide. So my friends why are you so far? Magic is everywhere.


Okay another example; There is a car in my neighborhood with a mermaid and a couple of fish painted on it. As I was driving I looked into my rear view mirror and it was behind me. Where’s the magic, you ask well I was plunged into the ocean. My car now had a mermaid’s tail!


Oooohhhh I see. You are too intellectual, too grown up, or too busy to create magic in your lives. Why is that? Why are you waiting to live, folks!


Life is there always and it’s for the living. What really can you do about the wars and famines and poverty and the environment other than live in harmony with life, love it and stand up for everyone’s right to be alive! If anything, all the crazy stuff happening on the planet has made us a more compassionate people. Now let’s breathe and live. We are so busy working at or for something we’ve forgotten how to live.


Magic is everywhere and if you don’t believe me, give a dare to your guardians to show you some magic. What are you scared? Hahahaha… It’s okay you can handle it. Ask for a little sign. I promise you your guides will be so happy you’ve acknowledged them they will show you China via your toilet bowl. (No insult to China, I’m just an older woman with older adages:)


There is so much magic in this world especially at present because nature automatically balances herself, so if you are seeing the ugly all you have to do is turn around clockwise and see the beauty! Like right now, my pansies are shivering in the wind but they aren’t cold they are singing Handel’s Water Music They were thirsty.


I wish I could show you what I see. I promise when I figure out how to do what I envision for my author’s site, after that this site will have videos. Oh yes then the magic will truly begin!


Laughing out loud in the desert,



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Today we celebrate Veteran’s Day. My brother is a veteran. He spent two tours in Viet Nam. When he returned home he never spoke of what happened or mentioned any of the trials and tribulations he went through to my mother or my sis and me. After seeing several films about Nam I begged him to let it go and tell me, but he wouldn’t. He protected all the women in his life from the atrocities of war he had experienced.


It is the most unnatural act in the world to ask a man to kill, for any reason. It separates them from their own humanity. What must someone believe in order to kill another?


I had a friend who’s job was to release the bombs, however he was/is a sensitive man who had known xenophobia all his life, (he’s a Black artist) so he convinced his fellow servicemen to drop the bombs over uninhabited spaces. Can you imagine how difficult that was? Not only to convince someone not to kill innocent civilians but to convince yourself you are not a coward for doing it. I have so much respect for this man.


It is a known fact that those brave men and women that survive best in the military units of America are from the southern states where they have instilled in them a sense of pride and nationality. Those same brave men and women fighting to keep their statues of the men they believed had their best interests in mind.


Now I am not here to vilify any service person, in fact the exact opposite. I wish I could protect them all. It’s hard not to say, “Run Forest, run!” when young men and women are being shot at but we still live in a world where guns are used as coping devices; where our nations leaders send young men walking into stranger’s lands that are not happy at all that they are there.


Everyday I pray for those men and women over seas fighting. Everyday I worry about what is being done to insure their rehabilitation into normal everyday living and I continue to write my congressmen regarding their benefits when they return. This is different than the Great Wars when they came home to Kaiser homes they could afford and ticker tape parades. Today they are yelled at and spit on. Please forgive us.


So with great pride for our men and women of the military and with hope that you will never have to study war. No more! Here’s to peace. Here’s to our courageous service persons. May you live your lives to their fullest. You are so loved and we are so grateful for all you do. Be safe out there, for life is calling you home.


With love,


CosmiChange an American institution dedicated to love and growth!

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Today is my birthday and look at the gift I received!

Isn’t it beautiful!  I had to share it!

Okay I’m off to play now.




what goes better
with morning air
and waking sleepy eyes
than the urgent fuss
of blue jays
squawking fantastically
in cacophonic fashion,


a spill of sunlight
on a neighboring pillow
or perchance a neighboring face,


a sip of warm, sweet sunshine
from your favorite mug,


a morning kiss
from a fuzzy face,


a favorite song
spun over the airwaves
that retro-activates the mind and soul,


a skip of the heart
from ‘I love you’
whispered tenderly
in a tender spot,


or, the absolute nakedness
of a new day
and a world
dressed in only
a smile.


Anonymously from the loving mind of a Cosmic Friend!


Thank you!


Michele Cosmically Changing

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Hi. Did you miss me? Well I missed you. Okay let’s get into this. You know the universe loves numbers. They are finite and can create matter out of energy, very cool, eh. So when the numbers repeat and double or create patterns doors open. We are coming up on the 11-11 gateway on Saturday.


Okay if a little colored girl from Pennsylvania knows this, (Hi Howard, the only other person to call me colored-girl, gosh he named me that:) then a lot of others know this too, thus the not so happy news. They are afraid of losing their power here in material land so they have been creating holes in the fabric of the universe. That is why you haven’t been feeling so nice.


I woke up yesterday fighting myself and in tears. I had even scratched me! Now this is very unlike me. The most I do when cornered is growl. I never use force. I never have to, the truth normally sends everyone back into their corners. Why is that? Why are people so afraid of the truth?


Anyway as I was saying you may feel like you are going to vomit up a javelina or that your covers don’t black out the day coming in the window or a bag of cookies is only one serving or… All that to say, I understand what you are going through and this too will pass.


Venus is onboard to make the ugly presentable and Jupiter is hanging out to bring luck and what not and we have so much help right now from the other side. Last night I spent in dreamtime welcoming all those that were waking up. (Hi Na-NA I miss you!)


See this is why it’s been so very difficult to write you. I have no idea how to speak of what is happening without scaring those still tethered in a third dimensional reality or those creating attachments to getting to the Fifth.


So fifth-it! Let’s take a walk and enjoy how Great Mother is handling it. She’s been painting all day. Wow, what gorgeous colors, eh. I love fall. I guess I’ll allow people to see me burst into tears on the trail and then laugh about it. I have to walk now.


I have meditated, grounded and cleansed and I am still absorbing all the inter dimensional dross out there. So I’m going to make myself a lovely cup of apple cider tea with honey and then go for a gentle walk and then a Tai-Chi/Yoga/Stretch type class before bed. I wonder what my dream space has in store.


Whatever you decide to do to alleviate some of the shifting and downloads and high jinx going on out there may it be peacefully encouraging and designed especially for you!






P.S. Guess what! That piñon jay just picked up its nut, thank goodness! I was having a spiritual crisis with that darn seed. If I watered my plant the seed becomes vegetable—not a bluejay favorite, however if I don’t water it my Rosemary and beans die, but he picked it up, yeah! SEE! everything always works out!

Okay folks there is no longer a savings (the jay has it:) so please donate to keep this site going or better yet, give me a true day off and write a blog for me! Thanks CosmiChange

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It’s getting better all the time, sang the Fab Four and I believe them. Things are starting to look up. For example when leaving the gym I met a young man holding seed pods. When I asked him what he was going to do with them, he told me he was going to create an altar for the earth he was visiting. Lovely, eh.


He was a graduate environmental student from Flag that had fought to keep the excess uranium mining off the reservations surrounding Flagstaff. It made my heart open so wide because they won without having to stand and be blasted by the corporations but they were aware the world was looking and backed off and did the environmentally aware thing.


Everyday there is proof we have shifted. The entire world is tired of being afraid. Everyone is beginning to employ his or her free will to choose. Now if we all could co-create with Spirit can you imagine the results?


I am ready for the next rung up that spiritual ladder. Enough of being victimized or guilty or worse angry, it’s time. It’s time to let go of the past and begin visualizing a future that has every living being’s best interest included in the new paradigm. One thing we all know is that the old way doesn’t work anymore. Now it’s time to figure out how we will create anew, but better.


It’s Monday and I have to finish the new author website. I am not found of using that side of my brain that deals with the technical so this is an opportunity to find the creativity within this chore. I believe I am going to need some cookies, okay popcorn—a fond compromise.


It is getting better, folks, all the time!


To growth!



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The ability to observe ourselves objectively and compassionately is the single most important skill to develop in walking the spiritual path. ~ Susan Thesenga


Okay I have been hearing the Tom Tom Club’s hit Genius of Love in my mind for over two days now. Okay you have to know the tune to be on the same page.


So here I am walking around like I’m in Brooklyn in the summer; smiling and giggling, and dancing around. In fact the only thing (other than this song) able to enter my mind is the goofy and truly magnificent weird little guy at the end of The Proposal. When he is asked if he is legally in the States starts singing America and at the end he looks the Fed in the eyes and says, Mama Cass.


Why is the ridiculous the only thing I can get a grip on these last few days because in the simple inanity of dispelling the seriousness vibe going on in the outside world, is the truth that this too will pass. But hopefully my love for the Genius of Love will never pass.


In my next life I want to play cello in a rock band like Tina Weymouth plays her bass.

And I want to live on a small inlet of some country where all the pure waters of the world converge.

And I want an elephant as a pet.

And I will wear chartreuse and lavendar every day if I wish.

And…da da dut…dah dah dada dut…

Oh my, the music is back.


I have to dance now. Wishing you all a marvelous weekend.





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As I let go of what I thought I wanted, a space is opened for something even better. ~ Alexa Young


Good morning. I love the clarity of mornings, don’t you? (Of course I mean after coffee or tea or whatever…) There is something about a mind cleared from sleeping that is quite sexy. Maybe that is why there is so much sex in the morning. We aren’t going around in circles with a trillion thoughts so entering our spirits is easy. Oh come on now I can’t be spiritual every single moment of the day! And goodness knows what that means anyway.


I remember years ago when The Coz was an icon, he had a bit in a comic routine about kids and how honest we perceive them to be. Well, he said, kids aren’t honest. He recounted how he walked into the kitchen and caught his daughter stealing a cookie from the cookie jar before dinner. He was stunned so he asked her, “What are you doing with a cookie before dinner?” And she told him she was getting it for him. Hmmmm, well out of the mouths of babes eh. When he gave her that look parents give their offspring when they want to kill them, he said, “I do not want a cookie before dinner!” And of course the child says, “Well, can I have it?”


We all think Angels look a certain way and devils look like some other (again I mention Cosby) and yada, yada; but what if they look completely different. Or what if they are the same? We are here to rise above binary opposition, eh.


I remember this gorgeous immigrant woman from Ethiopia that my mom had befriended even though she was a prostitute working her way from famine, genocide and oppression. It was unlike my mom. My mother could be very judgmental, or maybe that was solely with her kids anyway to make a long story short; when I got into trouble I called this African woman. Not only did she save my day and never tell my mom, the mayor himself escorted her to my rescue. Now since I am no longer in my teens I can imagine what their relationship was.


What I am trying to say, my friends, is light can look dark if through a kaleidoscope of colors. Thus please let go of any judgment of self and others. You are all doing amazing! We are here and lord knows that if we haven’t expired within the last 500 years of techno-corporate-artillery and environmental type abuse well then we are all right where we belong, eh.


Wow, I thought I was going to talk about all the similarities in the prophecies of the circle cultures as well as those in the organized religions this morning. So much for that plan. Basically it all boils down to; we are all being given a choice—materialism or spiritualism. Our last bit of duality before we ascend with these body into perfect alignment with Source, yeah.


Now let’s let go and have a good laugh. Then, after that let’s give ourselves a nice compliment. I don’t mean to tell you what to do. Heck, I have no idea who most of you are reading this anyway, but I am so very appreciative. You help me to keep myself in alignment every morning. What a gift!


Thank you,



P.S. Also please help keep this site up and running by tithing, setting intentions for our growth or simply a shout out of encouragement. And to my singing neighbor sitting under that chocolate tree or dear Snooky thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel you and your support means the world to me!

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Good morning everyone. Last night I thought of a wonderful blog to help with all the seriousness going on everywhere but not today. Everyone and thing is so intense of late. Living shouldn’t be difficult, challenging sometimes yes, but not difficult. Maybe we are all over thinking this.


We all have been born on purpose to fill a purpose. We can’t really get too far off track because we are always there, right? (Okay sometimes not always present but most times we are pleasantly aware of our surroundings.) Then why are we all so serious as a collective? Survival issues, that makes sense, however we all have a singular gift to give to this world that will support us just fine. We do. We are all masters at being ourselves.


Now our ego may get in the way and insist we be the next Tesla, Einstein, Academy Award, Pulitzer, World Wide Federated, Nobel prize winner but what if your gift was writing Wild Thing for example. Come on, ya wild thang, don’t be a snob. Many artists made covers of that track.—Jimi Hendrix for example. Yes, it only had one note, wild thing, dah dah da-dah, dah dah da-dah…okay two notes. And its pretty simple in lyric, “Wild thing I think I love you but I want to know for sure…” But it’s brilliant. I don’t know a soul who doesn’t jump up to dance to it.


All I am trying to say is, this is not brain surgery or quantum physics living. It’s life and you get to choose how to live it. Isn’t that wonderful. It’s exciting! Okay you don’t believe me then look at how another human light-being does it. My friend Amy just got back from Scotland. While you are figuring out where life will take you next, read this. I think it’s wonderful! She is a lovely writer and an amazing photographer. Okay I’m going back to finish her post.




Here’s to new adventures, my favorite wild things!


In wanderlust,



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Hi, good morning! Okay please don’t worry I’m not going to bore you with more of my countdown to my b’day emotional inventory stories. Heck I’m tired of listening to them so I’m sure you must be like, “What the heck?!”


See I’m using double punctuation and exclamation points; veritable proof I should not be on a computer writing out loud. But I am in the perfect mood to play Dictionary! Yeah! Okay you old-timers to this blog know what I am talking about.

It’s where I randomly pick a word from the dictionary and riff on it.


Lovely, it’s lyric. Which really came about because of the instrument itself. It meant from a lyre. And then of course it became the words suitable for singing or accompanying a lyre, until it became known as the poetry used to express the music. I love this word. I love music.


Oh my, we have forgotten how amazing we are. Who else but humans take one of their senses and emit sound into the universe to express its desires. That is why so many love stories are created in sound. When music and sound and words all mix together you not only hear what is happening you feel it.


I am so grateful for lyrics. I have watched music shift a person’s awareness quicker than anything. I left this country for five years when they started killing the artistic spirit. When corporations took over and started creating icons to promote their agendas. When they started to assassinate the humanities—all those wonderful avenues we have to expand ourselves, music poetry literature…


But again the only thing we can do when they use our gifts against us is not buy into it. Literally you don’t have to listen to any angry, misogynistic misanthropic, evil worshipping music if you don’t want to. It doesn’t make one any cooler or less cool. In fact I believe that’s why the industry has allowed the needle to get stuck on rap and heavy metal and inane pop. It is because it is so desensitizing.


Some years ago I saw a documentary on how they have taken all the live music out of Vegas. Most stars perform to a track. Before being a musician was a grand job. One could pay their mortgage however now they don’t want us to enjoy ourselves and relax and have a vacation. They want the rest of our money in the machine.


Lyrics have always been a wonderful way to teach children. When words are set to a rhythm and tune, its so easy to remember. Being lyrical is so beautiful. You not only get to hear your feelings expressed you get to feel them too. I still wouldn’t know how many days are in a month if it weren’t for that silly verse of lyrics telling me thirty days has September…


So let’s use our free will and write us a love song today. For…

We are that we are.

Beings from afar.

Loving light energies

Singing to the stars…


Come on, sing with me!


We are that we are!




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The worst thing that can happen in a democracy (as well as in an individual’s life) is to become cynical about the future and lose hope. That is the end, and we cannot let that happen. -Hillary Clinton



I’m so happy to live here on Earth. I know it’s one of few planets that have free will. I guess I should admit to those readers that have a different belief system than I, that I believe there are many life forms on and off this planet.


One day when shopping in LA at a friend’s store, her sales rep for Tachyon came in. My friend Delilah smiled and went to get payment for the invoice. I smiled and hugged him. He felt so familiar. He looked like Klaus Kinski and snickered like Precious Pup (remember that cartoon), but the weirdest thing was his hands. He had normal hands but when he moved them I could see he only had three digits and a small thumb. He smiled when I kept fondling his hands.


After he left my friend Delilah laughed at me. She said most people were afraid of him. They thought he looked like a weird pedophile or something but not me, she said, you hugged him. And then she laughed again.


I felt like I knew this man. He was not of here but I knew him from somewhere. He had no bad thoughts ruminating through him. No good thoughts either he just was. He was amused as well as amazed when I recognized his spirit. I liked him. And why do I think of him this morning. I don’t know. I just need to know there is and always has been a greater reality than the one I live.


I have free will. Something most beings don’t have and how do I use it? Most times I don’t. That’s what has been giving me an itchy sensation around the back of my heart center. I feel restless because I am not completely following my heart’s desires.


No matter what happens on this planet we shouldn’t let it break our spirits or bind us in any way; especially when we could be enjoying our day and all the gifts living in this dimension has given us. Lilac season alone, or chocolate or a good cup of coffee enjoyed during a sunrise, or a first kiss with someone, or the scent of their sweat, even my giggle when having been barked awake by a big dog when I didn’t know they were behind a fence is absolute joy when experienced.


Oh my. I think I should remove myself from this chair and go out into nature and visualize into existence what my heart desires before I forget what that is or get too comfortable with not having it. The only compromise one should make is finding another joy to replace any loss. In fact I transmute all loss to gain. From loss, I’ve gained in experience, knowledge, maturity and awareness. These are gifts living gives to me each day.


So my friends, here’s to life!


Living love,