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Om..my, what a good New Year this is going to be!


There hasn’t been a blue moon, with Neptune & Mars in a conjuncted kite of a dance with Jupiter in Scorpio since 1982. And then the month ends with another full moon and it’s an eclipse! A lot is going on out there! The 1st will be the first of the two full moons in January, cool eh. This promises to be an amazing year! Now all we have to do is let go of the fear and replace it with hope.


Ah yes that dreaded four letter word that gets all our knickers in a bunch—fear. Well lucky for you I have had a lot of experience with fear so I say let’s bring it on! Let’s conquer all our demons and lay them to rest so we can get butterflies in our stomachs of a good feeling kind. You know, the kind that makes us take on our deepest desires and wishes and makes us leap tall buildings and tap into the Universal flow with a splash.


By now you all know me pretty well. I fight with words. When the going gets tough I get hopeful, and excited and better yet— Creative! So let’s make a little literal sense of fear. Let’s see how many words we can make out of it.


There’s EAR. Now I listen to my heart and heed its beating. When it starts to thump I remember to breathe and take notice of what I am thinking. I listen to my environment so I can circumnavigate all danger and misaligned emotions. I get quiet and calm its drumming until I can dance with delight to its beat.


Then I distance myself from that which is no longer serving me and get FAR away from the dissonance. Suffering is no longer the FARE for learning. I learn my lessons in peaceful loving joyfully challenging ways. I am FERAcious!


I float in the Universal flow of loving energy and scuba dive through the bubbles of AER because I know we are all divinely protected. And after I wash off the past and bathe in full moon glory I give thanks for the new ERA filled with a peaceful, loving, abundant life for all beings.


It is done because I am that I am and we are that we are and we are All FReE! We ARE sovereign! We are amazing custodians of our planet. We respect life and face our fears and cheer. We are our own REFs. And REAFfirm our commitment to a life filled with the light and love of the original spark of Creation Itself!


We cry out with hope and love and courage and fearlessness, “Hip-hip hoorah and ole bravo cheers, salute!”


This is our year, my friends! Design it like the amazing talented architects and artists and inventors and writer creators that you were born to be!


With all my heart I know this to be true and so it is!









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Hherouth ~ Huriya!


Last night I had a dream. It is still with me and I have mediated for hours this morning. When this happens I ask spirit if what I am feeling is mine or not. And although the constriction is not; the fear is mine as a result of the bondage I feel all around me.


Now when I have doubts or un-knowing I sit down and listen and the word Freedom came into the silence. I believe everyone is feeling trapped in some way or the other and those that aren’t wishing for their freedom are reveling in their victimhood.


My dream was trying to explain to me how we all got here. I mean still waiting at the red light of bondage. I was traveling in a vehicle and there were many cars ahead. We were all driving forward into the inky night but then the gate began closing. Well I rushed forward to make the exit. There were a few others with me, but then I paused and a load of doubt came to mind. Will I be cheating if I create another lane and slip past the others? Was it even my turn? What was out there? Am I traveling on my path? Am I a good person?


When I woke up and drew the card of Freedom, I understood my hesitation. There is this battle in me. The slave, industrial-educated, patriarchy ruled, Black woman of a single mother had so much baggage. I had too many definitions and what not holding me frozen in space.


So I entitle this piece in Hebrew- freedom and Arabic – Freedom! We have all been brainwashed into believing something outside of ourselves defines us. Listen no land or title or language or gun or money or Rule (God I really dislike rulers!) is truth. A Truth is: Where you are, there you are and you are never ever separated from your Creator.


Shame on us for the genocides we have had and are creating. However being a victim gives us no right to scream while shooting a gun “Do Over!” Nor does another organization who can’t speak the language of either get to set boundaries for another person’s life.


You are the only person who has that power! So jump, leap, fly, crawl, walk, hop-skip-run into your loving future with fearless resolve! Here’s to the sky for there are no limits or definitions or boundaries or sexism or slavery or… anything but light love-filled stars there.


There, there now, don’t worry. We are becoming one. And so it is, we are dedicated to the Universal flow that connects us all,



PS please know that I am not an IT technician I am a writer. Every time a new update is done I must relearn Tesseract. I will try and post new blogs each Monday, Wednesday and Friday on this site and Tuesdays and Thursdays on the other. But please have patience with me as I start anew while cleaning out the old. Yikes, dust mites and old receipts and new formatting..gotta get chocolate:)

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Good afternoon, I hope you got to celebrate the solstice in the perfect way for you last night. My night was fantastic, truly magical in a tangible mystical way. I learned that being acknowledged by others will never heal my bruised heart but simply breathing and seeing the loving light dance in life is the exercise my heart needs most.


So I got up this morning and met my friends meditating and lo and behold the mystical magic started again. Well there is no better acknowledgment than our connection to the Universal Energy flow, (or God or Christ or Creator or Wakan Takan or Allah or…). All there  is, is all there is and it vibrates at such a lovely frequency.


I received this by fellow writer and a CosmiChange reader, Makaila Shackelford. Well after that I went mute because the Universal flow of life was flooding my senses. So may I share some of that All There Is via Makaila’s writing with you? I promise you will play it forward in a most mystical and magical way!


Flame of Kindness


The flame of kindness is in no danger of fading completely or entirely from the human landscape but, could use a little fuel to burn brighter. The fuel for kindness is simply, more kindness. Not necessarily by performing a series of seemingly random acts, but by being kind, to others and to ourselves, naturally. It is something to be, as much as it is something to do. Smiling more readily. Offering to help more readily. Stepping aside more readily and certainly, apologizing, more readily. And more sincerely. And, how about listening more deeply and fully; learning to see past the smallness of biases and prejudices to an openness unarmed with divisiveness and defensiveness. 


What if we took a moment, in kindness, to realize that what divides us is nothing more than a choice or decision to allow a perception to assume an otherness or difference. What if we focused more on or applied more emphasis to the complex simplicity of each of our individual being and celebrate each other rather than holding what makes each of us unique against us. We need not wait for our governments to unify or unify us; instead, let’s unify ourselves so that our governments re-focus, re-organize and reaffirm and unify along side us. It is possible. We need only choose kindness.


It is such a simple idea, and un-convoluted. It’s something each of us possesses and in no short supply. Why not kindness? We’re so much better than we’ve been. And even the smallest shift in attitude today, can take us further than we thought possible tomorrow. Choosing to see someone in the light with which is usually reserved for those we deem to be most like ourselves only increases our own light. It doesn’t diminish even slightly: the way lighting a candle from a candle only lights more candles, for a brighter, warmer light. Consider your own health and happiness with kindness as a constant companion. Then know, that others benefit from that companionship as you benefit from theirs. A kind of reciprocity or in-kind relationship. 


Somehow we need to find a way to ‘show up’ in our lives when there are those moments that move us to levels beyond what we are sufficiently able to process in that moment and are apt to respond to with anger and aggression or worse, we could show up, de-escalate from within and remember the bigger picture. Oversimplification? Think of all the regret that could be ‘saved’ by mentally slowing down a moment which could easily hurtle out of control and take on an existence all its own. Only takes an instant to gather one’s self and breathe through the moment and exhale to a calmer ‘you’ evolved in kindness. ~ Makaila Shackelford

Happy Holidays Everyone!
May we all be touched by the Universal Flow of All There Is!
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Good morning my friends,

How are you feeling on this lovely shortest day of the year in 2017? At 11:28 EST or 9:28 MST where I live, the sun will be its farthest away from the Northern Hemisphere – above the equator, (its longest day below the equator in the Southern Hemisphere). It is a day long celebrated by those circle cultures and pagan nature worshippers. It’s the Winter Solstice!


The Druids would go out and decorate trees and slaughter animals and toast using their ripely fermented drinks. We light candles for all the Mother Goddesses in our cultures. We convene at the sacred sites around the world and we give thanks for another year and then take the long dark journey within.


Happy Saturnalia as well! This year Saturn is now in Capricorn – a very rare event that hasn’t happened since 1988. Now astrologers say Saturn’s energy tends to be very cautious and does not do things in an erratic way. To quote Daniel Dowd, its vibe is that of “it’s better to be safe than sorry”. So maybe we should all sit down and look within and write out what we no longer want to carry over into another year and visualize what we wish to manifest. However before doing that, I suggest giving thanks.


In literature they always talk about the virgin birth of Christ however what if they meant virgin meaning Virgo and they combined his birth date to coincide with the Pagan ritual of the Winter Solstice rebirth of the Sun – the son of God, Christ. And we all know we couldn’t live one day without the sun or the Christed light frequency of love permeating all life.


So my little natural nature loving beings let us raise our heads today and give thanks for that great big warm-hearted orb so worshipped on this planet. Hey, we could be on Uranus freezing our butts off so I will take my 10 hours of light and dance and use those extra night hours to reminisce and have a personal retreat to think over my direction on my path. And then I will make something wonderfully apple-y cinnamon and cardamom and other spice-filled savories and delectables and put them on my altar for the nature sprites, devas, fairies, mermaids and dolphins and everyone’s pets and the birds and grass and well all the elements that make up the world I live in!


Thank you so much, dear Sun! Here it comes..it’s coming..UP!


We are blessed!




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Where do I begin? So much has passed since I last said farewell and take care of yourselves and that you are loved. As you see CosmiChange has not ended and that is because this has little to do with me and so much more to do with you.


I am spending a lot of time writing you all individually that I decided maybe I misjudged the impact of this site. I have even had passive communications that I am still unsure what they have meant. However what made me write you this morning is simply the energy in the air and a new moon coming up.




I have to admit I left because I had to censor myself in order to align with the spiritual path but I have decided that there is nothing not on that path. So with an oh so connected smile to you, I bid you adieu until next year. In the interim I will post old blogs from the past five years of blogging.


Merry, Happy and a Joyous season to all of you! May Santa treat you well. Better yet, may you manifest that which you visualize for your best season ever!


Happy Holidays!



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If you want a symbolic gesture, don’t burn the flag, wash it. -Norman Thomas, socialist and social reformer


Anarchy is the complete absence of government and law but nowhere in that definition does that mean an absence of morality or worse yet leaving our humanity. My heart hurts because I am feeling the regressive effects of fear here in my own back yard.


All my life I have been judged by my face alone. So I am very sensitive to visual judgment.


Recently when exiting a health store there was a young man panhandling. Well I have no money. I live on a fixed income but I have a heart and a bunch of apples in my bag so I offer him one and sit down to talk with him.


Well he explains his home prior to this one on the corner was in Texas but he didn’t want to live there. He preferred living here, but he was trying to get some money because he couldn’t stay here any longer. He had a warrant. When I asked him, “For what?” He said shop lifting. I asked if he could public service work the warrant away and then he looked and noticed my age and our conversation was ended.



Now I have been a Dharma bum and have traveled and lived on boats and meditated for my supper before, but I have never left my heart center, to do this—especially when poor. Being against the government and all its illegal lobbying doesn’t give us liberty to take what we wish. I too hate hierarchies and racism and materialism but I would never lie and cheat to avoid them.


So I leave us with a question? How can we do this differently? When will our hearts be the only police we need?


Wishin’ and hopin’,




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Well Good Day All!


Before we get into this New Moon energy I have to amend yesterday’s blog. Apparently the Filipino language does not have a ‘C’ so Kaptan is spelled Kaptan. See kiddies once again a reminder you cannot believe everything you read on line.


I had read it written both ways but “I’m your captain , yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah …” old rock song entered my head and my mind continued on without exploring the discrepancy.


But I have cool readers (Hi Geena!) who keep me honest and laughing all the time. Geena (who’s a nurse) says, “Support bacteria it’s the only culture some people have and even salt looks like sugar…” and I am trying to get her to write a blog for the site.


It brings me so much joy when people write the site. I have not enabled the comments box due to the irregularity of my posts. I wanted people to be able to go back and read what they missed however maybe we should keep the dialogue going. Let me think on that.


Okay today’s New Moon or yesterday’s depending on the time line you live in is Scorpionic, meaning transformative, but only if you let go of the reins! By now you all have heard me say all that you will ever need to hear from me, “Let Go and use your heart.”


Come on folks, one can live brain dead but you couldn’t survive a day without our hearts beating. The heart holds the information the brain simply stores it. It’s  the traffic controller for the body. And the eyes (all three of them) will have already taken in and assimilated the information faster than we can say our own names thus the need for meditating and aligning with divine will.


So today is a good day to bring the starlight inward so we may glow in the night sky like the moon. It’s a perfect time to visualize what we would like to manifest, but that’s the same for all new moons. However now we are anchoring these body templates in a Fifth dimensional frequency so we need practice at how to create responsibly. Thus let’s practice using our abilities. Let’s not let anything bother us or project anything onto another. Let’s simply enjoy what is. And So It Is!


Here’s to the New Moon! Thank you Kaptan for your beautiful creation.




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Through others, we become ourselves. -Lev Vygotsky, psychologist (17 Nov 1896-1934)


Today is new. It is, thus I give thanks for it and celebrate Creation itself. I have always been fond of the lore of the creation myths of indigenous cultures around this world. In the Philippines the ancient Filipino account of creation began when there was no land nor sun or moon or stars and the world was only a great sea of water with a sky stretched above it. The water was the kingdom of the goddess Maguayan and the great god Captan ruled the sky.


Maguayan had a daughter; Lidaget who was the goddess of the sea and Captan had a son called Lihangin—the wind. The children married and had three sons and a daughter; Licalibutan who had the body of rock and was strong and brave, Liadlaw was formed of gold and was a happy being, Libulin the last son was of copper and was a timid soul and their daughter, Lisuga was made of pure silver and was sweet and gentle.


After this the story becomes all too familiar. The sons wanted to gain the power of the realm of their father thus chaos ensued bringing matter into this world. However all the destruction created the firmaments, and life came into existence. Out of the Bamboo tree man and woman were born and the rest is history.


But there is more to this story than we know, as with all creation stories because the mixing of the elements are creating more aware beings. It is these most aware beings I wish to speak of today and especially one in particular.


This woman has unified all the elements—the pieces of silver, gold and copper to make a rock solid being of divine light that can exist harmoniously between the veils that make up our universe. She has lit up my soul and helped me along my path so much these pasts years. In fact if it weren’t for this amazing being I would still be struggling with archetypes and paradigms long needing to be laid to rest.


Well today is her solar return. And it feels like a holiday for me. I have not met anyone as dedicated to the enlightenment of this planet as her. So I would like to humbly say, “Happy Birthday, dear Cecilia”. May all the energy you give others and this world be rewarded for the rest of your eternity.


With love,




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Hi. What a time I have been having. How have you been? I have cried everyday for weeks now over nothing. I feel well, better yet hopeful and happy but the air (so many chem-trails) and all the downloads and crazy vibes permeating everything is heavy, worse it has a dense feel.


I wish I could tell you that mediating and grounding and going out in nature —all the normal cures will help, but this is here to make us go even deeper than that. I know, because I smell like a peeling onion. I no longer know anything or who I am. All I have been doing is floating further up and out into the universal stream.


For a minute there I was worried that someone had ‘walked-in’ but now I’m seeing that all masks are being exfoliated from all my bodies; spiritually, aetherically, emotionally and physically, so all that is left is a pile of refined stardust. How do I mold that into some semblance of my I AM presence?


Well my friends and fellow star-human beings, maybe we should simply leave ourselves alone. So what if all my heartfelt thoughts are exiting my body like an out of tune trumpet. It’s what is in my heart that will manifest. If there ever was a time to simply do nothing, it’s now.


I am Scorpio so I have had much practice at being thrown into my abyss but this is something new altogether. All the astrologers I revere have been mentioning this new moon coming up on Saturday. It’s a good time to promise ourselves that we will love ourselves unconditionally.


The veil is so sheer right now I’m aware of all twelve aspects of my being living simultaneously. (The soul’s energy must split up when materializing in a body, yada yada) You all know this or may buy that little book called Light Body or write and I will give you my lay-person’s abridged explanation of it, but its just simply what you are already feeling and knowing so I don’t think I should be involved in that conversation with yourself.


What do we do while this is passing? Nothing. What is there to do but love it through so it can leave your body in graceful perfect ways. The good news is we are not alone, even if we are feeling that way. If things feel stuck we could ask our personal guides and angels or ancestors to align us again with the Universal Field and then let go of all judgment of how anything looks.


We have made it. We are anchoring into the Fifth dimensional field frequency so material things are an entirely different matter now. I know there is rent/mortgage to pay and our children’s holidays to think of and so many other things but trust that the perfect outcome is manifesting right now.


Everything we have been praying for is coming to be or to pass if what we wanted wasn’t in our best interests. Trust love. Call those confidants and sit together and sigh. A fond caress and a deep breath works wonders right now.


So I leave us with a promise that a loving life is waiting for us, because love and all things beautiful are truly here.


From deep within a compassionate heart,




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A.Word.A.Day ~ with Anu Garg








adjective: Relating to an imaginary place characterized by romance, adventure, and intrigue.



After Ruritania, a fictional Central European kingdom, in the novel The Prisoner of Zenda (1894) by Anthony Hope. Earliest documented use: 1894.



Good morning. Isn’t it a lovely day! I have been up for hours now and the blog idea has gone from the vilification of men of late to why I don’t hang out so much in café’s anymore; then to my still having Genius of Love on a loop in my head, and allowing ourselves to season like a good stew until its gone and then yada, yada, you know simply yada yada…


After that I started dancing around my house only to stop and sing the name Mama Cass so I sure wouldn’t trust the woman behind the computer screen this morning soooooo. DRUM ROLL PLEASE @%@$@$%^!^$%!$%@$#%$^%^!^%$%^!$%^$…


I give you Wordsmith.org! I love this site. Not only is Anu Garg aware and conscious and a living spirit of great wonder, he’s not afraid to speak the truth either. Sometimes I just go straight to his Thought for Today. He can say so much without any pissing contests or need to inform just by using one word. I love this person! But that’s just me.


Okay close your eyes and imagine a strange being dressed in a blue down vest and hoodie with 20’s inspired pajama bottoms pas de bouerring down the street—first to the left and now to the right. Do you see it?