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Good morning!

Okay I have no idea what I am going to say. I have been up since four and I am already exhausted at nine am. I thought eclipses had a time of four days before and after or a delay and then their effects came later, but this lunar eclipse coming up at the end of the month with the blue super full moon on the 31st is slapping me around like a rubber ducky in a bathtub. Even when I try to keep my hands to myself, and stop playing with the water, I still ebb and flow like in a riptide.


It’s an important time right now. One that has been sung about for ages. So many planets in one small space demanding justice and the right to orbit, and for humankind to get their act together.


I don’t care if a dozen hundred communist-capitalist alien cannibals with low self-esteem came and took our voice boxes, why did we open our mouths and consent to it? At some point we gave permission. I know it’s not mankind’s fault we were trusting and innocent and thought —sparkly bliss, oooh yeah. And those that didn’t respond to materialism were beat into submission so now we are all walking around realizing if that jerk or black guy or woman or son of a bushwhacked pirate can become president then…


When seeing an imbalance, why do we automatically want to correct it by creating the same imbalance in reverse? I blame those silly scales we see that blind woman holding. They look identical on both sides and they match and weigh the same so they are fine. Yeah right!


Well I don’t look like anyone. And after my accidents I don’t sound like anyone, and I surely don’t think like another. I am simply myself and I am trying not to cut myself in two to create an outside vision of wholeness.



We are that we are and that is fine. So while all the planets in the universe conspire to make us aware and take the blinders off of those that think they are king or queen or rule over something, let’s learn to love the idiot of synchronies that we are. I don’t measure my worth in inches or even meters or grams and ounces. I am a one of a kind so I am very rare and priceless and so are you!



So let’s go retro or in the future —even time has no constraints over us anymore— and listen as a Fifth Dimension sings us into this new year journey with joy and compassion and perfect health and a sense of humor, folks. Ground that into the planet and give thanks that she allows us to live here. Pay her rent by keeping your space clean and consensually love her and let love, love you back. Now let’s all breathe deeply and let go of being upset that someone isn’t acting like we wish they would.


Nothing is nearly as bad as everyone is making out. It’s like surfing ; scary at first and then downright frightening until it becomes exhilarating! Yikes, yippee and again please!


God I love living!





For days now I have been working on something where my contract doesn’t start for a month. I don’t mind. It’s creative work but it has been stealing time from this site so I have to start making me a priority again.


I spoke with a cousin of mine and he reminded me of this too. He even told me to go shopping and think of me only. Well my cousin Dot? The one I wrote about some months back ? You know the most beautiful woman …anyway she perfected that technique in strategy. She is also the one that had me screaming in a store to take me home too. See.. now you remember.


Me I like road trips to clear my mind. I have to clear the visuals to clear my thoughts sometimes. Now you can’t close your eyes while driving but there is something about the time and distance that erases all the unnecessary for me—not to mention the movement itself.


I love a change of environment. It immediately grounds me. I turn off all the electricity and sit in silence or listen to nature sing and I am one happy camper!


So why don’t we all steal our day back and go somewhere where only our scent and Great Mother’s essence take focus. I think we deserve to spoil ourselves. When we are saturated with a loving frequency everything looks wonderful and feels better too.


I believe we all deserve some of our well-intentioned time and love today. Here is an emotional love-cup filled to overflowing to get you started.







That’s all folks! See you again tomorrow!


With love and hugs and granny-auntie kisses minus the blue-red lipstick!





True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it is not haphazard and superficial. It comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring. ~ Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Lately everyone is dispensing either light or dark energy like camel spit. We want to shake off the old shadow by commanding it to release, be gone, let go, get out, and now! We are throwing out light like laser beams and trying to manipulate the shadow side like changing the oil in a car, but (I know what an annoying word,) butt-but the first way scars the receiver and the other leaves both parties tarred without the feathers decorating it.




It’s not difficult being an enlightened individual. Many are. They aren’t advertised on TV or in the daily news but they are there. Being a Noble being (as the Zen say) is as easy as accepting that you are.


Acceptance may be the first stage of releasing any miasma, implant, cord or device displacing us. Okay to use woman’s analogy. Think of when we are cleaning out our closets. There is this amazing jacket—a true art piece that when you wore it in your 20s you would turn heads and get compliments but now 20 years later it feels like you are wearing your daughter’s clothes. Well like that orange jacket covered in white nacre first you put it in the back of the closet, and then it gets hung like artwork on the wall until it is released to the woman’s shelter as a donation.


We must accept that which we already are before we amend the condition we are in. For example, so what that I have a crooked face and my mind works so fast when creating a whole picture. I accept it. Once accepted I can amend and take my time so my smile doesn’t shut my left eye making my face look like a smirk or Stink Eye in the film Juno. I can slow down my thoughts so I can assist others in understanding my vision or me. Then they can join with me or I can help them with their creations.


We have been led to believe that what we produce defines us when it’s more like what we create that defines us. When we accept ourselves and know what it is that would make us happy—that truly resonates with our purpose then our life will begin to change in honest and abundant ways.


Yes first we may need to get rid of all our mis-creations—our bad choices however afterward the light and beauty of our creative thoughts and actions will start manifesting in wonderfully magical ways. It is then that our life starts to fit us to a T. We are the only ones that can do that for us.


So let’s grab a cushion and sit down and visualize what would make us happy. Let’s leave ourselves alone. We are fine. Accept all that we are —all of it and that judgmental side we are always trying to release will notice that our sense of discernment is one of our greatest assets.


Once we do emotional inventory and see what we have created we can amend those creations and make sure they are designed to our liking.


Wow, look at us!


I love how you put yourself together today! You look fabulous better yet, you look authentically YOU!


Looking good,





Oh my, I was to have a blog out to you yesterday and it’s already Thor’s day. Don’t throw a bolt at me. ..Or maybe it’s Jupiter day and I am going to be lucky, lucky, lucky.


It’s only eleven days into the New Year and I am already behind, yikes. I just heard my old Tai-chi instructor, Jim, ask me “What’s that feel like?” He would always ask me this when I had my butt poked out in an awkward position or turkey craning my neck or slouching… “What’s that feel like?”


Those are powerful words. The world has us moving so fast that we don’t often check in to see what we are feeling. What are you feeling like? Be honest with yourself, no one’s watching. You’re home. What are you feeling like?


I have been vacillating between extreme tension in my shoulders. I’ve been editing film and text at the computer for hours on end for days now. I wake up with disturbing thoughts while I’m smiling at some lovely dream I can’t remember and the tops of my feet hurt. Strange.


I think it’s because I am absorbing the race consciousness in the air. People must be feeling insecure in their first chakra, you know, worrying about survival. Well whatever is going to happen will, unless you alter its course.


We 21st century humans are forgetting how to problem solve. And computers can’t teach how to be cognitive. If something is out of alignment maybe we could take it in hand and with a sincere voice explain what it is we wish to have happen.


I never read the news so I know my teeter-tottering isn’t from an outside source. I have been trying to share myself with others instead of sitting in my house playing with my toys all the time. I like playing with my toys.


I wonder if becoming a senior citizen is really like returning to grade school. I have a full supply of glue, glitter, watercolors, paste, pencils and all kinds of different paper—colored and plain, ruled and raw and big sheets and easel sized. I love art supplies. They make me feel rich. I believe it’s because I get to create something. I get to make my thoughts manifest!


Maybe enjoying our own creations is the ticket. Let’s give the TV and radios and internet a rest for a minute. Okay on that note I think I shall take my own advice and get my bum off this chair and out into nature.


It’s time to inspire me today! Aahh I just looked outside and the sky looks like a dry ocean.


I’m a cloud-whale, woman!





We need each other. Our growth is reflected in the faces of others . I used to feel sorry for myself that at the peak of my existence all was taken; my looks, my career, my posture and my voice. Without the compassion of others and their ability to look beyond and listen from the heart, I would have faded away.


I am here as a result of the spiritual generosity of others. I don’t mean financially. I mean the soul sharing that has allowed me to feel connected. Last night was filled with revelations of the soul-sharing experience. It was divine in all the ways that word resonates within you. We are born but never separated from the vine of the universal flow.


Like the elements, the sky can’t play with the sea unless it is reflected in water colors upon its surface. I am very sonar. I go to the depths to listen but I’m like a high-functioning Asperger baby when out in the air. This is why I don’t resonate with music that has more notes than tempo. I need, crave and feel best when grounded.


I have many bird-like friends and butterfly beings that I adore and love. They exist in high vibrational fields. They simply are enlightened. However, a lot of people on spiritual paths search out the high field frequencies like yuppies did cocaine in the 80s. Is that bliss?


Bliss to a goldfish is plankton. Bliss to a whale is krill. Bliss to a dog is a pat on the head while they peacefully gnaw on their bone. These beings are never separated from their source. They wouldn’t even know how to go about it so bliss is easy and can be on the outside.. However bliss to us Hu-mankind in these fleshy bodies is feeling that connection within all of God-matter.


Now this doesn’t always appear like an angel or sound harp-like sometimes it takes a gong and a flat C to get a point across but that sound vibrates at a lot higher frequency because it is the TRUTH. I can hear the truth. I can feel the truth. I can sense the truth. So what if sometimes it takes getting angry to finally speak your truth. The reward is everyone grows from that knowledge. Truth is to words like the heart is to the body. It is what instantaneously connects us.


So with love to all the angels last night that included me in their spiritual journey, you helped me so much. You all moved a huge emotional boulder out of my way last night that I could have never moved on my own.


With all my heart,


Michele of Cc


Good afternoon dear friends. How are you? Well as I try to teach myself how to program computers the rest of the world is talking about Oprah’s speech last night. They are enamored and are talking about an Oprah presidential campaign in the future.


I have never seen any ‘ocracy or government work for the people. Especially now since we have invited corpocracy as the new ism. (Corpocracy ~ A corporate bureaucracy, characterized by ineffective management. A society where the interests of large corporations control economic and political decisions. Yourdictionary.com)


Out with capitalism and in with corporatism. We have allowed business to take over the governing of mankind. Is it really another businessperson we need in office? I am not saying Oprah wouldn’t be a good President, because I think she would do the job fine and with integrity, I just think we need another New Deal, Sputnik type push for innovations and patents to lift this economy. America needs to start producing things again.


Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t think stuff is the way to go either. I am still upset from going from a client to a customer to a consumer to a unit. I don’t think we have seen yet what we really need. That would take us joining our hearts and taking responsibility for our own creating of our lives.


I am over every paradigm that has already been created to expand things because all we think of when growing is going up or getting taller or being more than. When we all accept we are that we are as well as everyone else too then that individual in the collective has a part in society’s whole again. Right now we are still looking for some prince or leader or mother or person in congress to make our opportunities for us. To quote Katt Williams of all people, “They call it self-esteem for a reason!” Meaning, you can’t get it from others.


What will it take for us to embrace heroes with an extraordinary authentic humanitarian abundance of ethical love and harmony?


And then again, everything we are searching for, we already are and have. We simply need; air – a good deep breathe of relaxation and distance from outside problems entering our personal spheres, and earth – a home to create and flourish in, and fire – a passionate purpose that helps the soul to grow instead of only trying to expand our wallet. If we help our soul’s journey, we aid all life in the making, right. And of course water – when we hydrate and nourish ourselves and accept our shadow as well as humbly embracing our talents then the divine Universal flow of life will always be available to us. We are all needed to make this picture of universal harmony come true!


Oh my friends, no leader or President or even spiritual talk show billionaire maven or blogger:) can take us where we already are. We are our own free, sovereign, God-matter so we should treat ourselves with respect and admire the gods-in-making that we are.


Let’s heed our inner wisdom and intuition. Let’s create our spaces to reveal our individual style and beauty. It’s simple to replace what we deplete and use only what we need. And we shall all play and work well together. It’s more fun than the alternative and let’s never forget we are all related!


So my relations, my family, my heart made manifest as you, “How the heavens are you doing today?”


With deep blessings for you on your journey,



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(I choose Gabrielle Rollenhagen’s image because the beautiful blue heron helps the shepard keep compassionate watch by holding a rock in her talon so if she ever falls asleep the rock falls and wakes them both. Together we can and will do this folks!)


This is a new year so let’s try and do things a little differently. All my life I have been dyslexicly arrogant. Meaning I played dumb for my survival. I could see the energy signature around others and feel their thoughts (Hi, my fellow Empaths) or see the pattern emerging in a puzzle until it was easily solved, (nothing like Tesla, mind you) but I would see the lines of energy.


Well at four when I saw those lines I went into the kitchen and told my mom I was going to make the TV a theater and she wished me well. The very next day I had an experience that put me to sleep for years. Why do I bring this up, because a lot of spiritual geniuses are being awakened and are coming out of those woods and they are hungry and we need to be there for them with something warm and comfy. It’s hard to be ripped awaken out of your spiritual bed like a hot dog slipping out of its bun with a bite, (sorry for that image vegans:).


Now nothing scares me more than someone who has been in the shadows but has recently emerged into the light for a few years. They go on a search for God like it’s only their business. They have doctrines and crystals and anointing oils and books. They take classes and get made over and rebirthed and retrieved and a thousand other names we in the Theater call preparing for a scene and then the scene comes.


They know God personally and have the answers and are going after the villain of their story in, as Flo says, “Grace and perfect ways,” but (okay you knew I was going to be a spiritual ass about now:) butt they do this by using the same hierarchies and patterns that have always been used. They simply become the hero now. So again I say, “No matter how heroic the death it is still murder…yes even that mosquito.”


I know things are ugly out there. Some people need a good Cher-like Moonstruck slap, “Get over it.” Unfortunately things have got to fall down before you can rebuild them. Okay an analogy for the girliefolks – If you keep putting nail polish on the same cracked spots what will your hands look like?


You can try erecting a building on a ruin but the old energy and unlevel foundation will make it bumpy and unstable. And those that still believe they hold claim to this planet; (An aside: Earth is a living entity and you cannot lay claim to Her. She is my mother and everyone else’s and she has no favorites. That bit of personification is truly Hu-man made.) should have another thought coming. Go in the kitchen and tell your mom to make a sandwich and then tell her that you own her. Now throw your napkin on the floor and see how she reacts. Hmmm Earth Mother is a lot more compassionate to jerks eh:)


Okay it’s a new year so how are we going to do things differently. Well I am going to ask for help. Anyone know how to take the archive stage off of the new Tesseract template so all that work finding the right picture and writing this blog will be there at your fingertips again?


I am going to stop playing airy-fairy sugary “Spiritually cute sounding”by grounding in the higher vibration field and it will not always sound like Chopin.


I am going to write for myself (my books at least) every weekday for a few hours. Heck if I don’t put myself first who will, eh.


And lastly I am going to love you all and everyone no matter what you do. Yeah even you Hawk-man. You made me strong!


So to all those grounded in their practices take your shoes off and show your iron spirit! Raise the frequency of rubber so it can bounce without having to go back to the old position. That is not even possible anyway. Every moment is new so we must remember to encourage ourselves every single moment of the day! We can do this.—return this planet to Eden-esque form. Heck we can even go one better than that. Remember when fairies and elves and centaurs and hybrids roamed the land with us? Remember when we had no xenophobia?


Here’s to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. I see you pouring wine in that Aquarian jar:) Can I have a sip?



With love and respect and admiration and awe for all living entities!




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Happy full moon too!


I have been trying to think of something to acknowledge this newest of years since yesterday but that big ole full moon has wiped my mind clean. It’s strange but I really haven’t a thought in my head or heart. I have pulled cards and read my favorite light-workers and I still have nothing inspiring to say.


I almost didn’t write anything this morning—again, for fear that I would project my condition onto you; but I can’t even feel what condition my condition is in…drrnng-dah… (Okay one day I’ll add a link for those too young to know that musical reference.)


I woke up with a litany of weird thoughts passing through my mind like lost single socks. Some of these thoughts weren’t even in my belief system and some others were things I had no idea I was still upset with. These sticky strands of stringy thoughts are hard to get off ya, too. I had to sit down and meditate and then stretch and then drink a couple of glasses of hot water to finally clear the gooey nagging and then nothing. Not a thing in my mind at all, hmmmmm.


Maybe it’s the chem-trails again. It’s like they bombard us with this chemical crap to keep our minds muddled but stop so we can clearly shop for the holidays and buy stuff to entertain ourselves and then it’s back to normal— being bom-bamboozled..:)


Well not for 2018! Nah that will not work this year! If we want our lives to change in peaceful, beautifully sparkling ways, where we thrive and enjoy living; then we have to be truly committed to living this year.


I have been up-ing my game in setting intentions for the planet too. But mostly I have been diligently practicing letting go of all of it. My attachment and worry and expectations and outcomes and fear and judgment and shyness and depression and…


The world looks the same as it always has been to me. Maybe that is why I am being shown my participation to the way it looks, so I will finally look at it objectively. I have a hard time doing that. I always like wearing rose-glasses (at least trying to see the good in everything) but when wearing my clear glasses I sober up immediately. My eyes rest. They don’t scamper around looking here and there. They rest on one thing and take that in fully.


It’s remarkable. I have already grown this year. Hopefully this isn’t just my ambitious excitement with having a new year to play with. Well who cares if the clarity lasts for a week or a few hours I am going to enjoy seeing things beautifully as they are today. Until something else takes focus and I nurture that.


But truly, enough about me. How are you doing today in this newest of years?


Wow, that sounds perfect!





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Okay before you start celebrating and if you are already toasted on cooking wine and sugar or caffeine that’s okay too because I have something worthy of your vices! No not a resolution, I resolutely say set intentions all year long anyway. Nah, this is something fun.


Please don’t take it politically, and get all bent out of shape. I would never commit sacrilege to your beliefs and views. (An Aside – However, there is strange justice on a free will planet because everyone gets to do what they wish. So let’s not get mad at Creator that some people set cruelly bizarre intentions, all we can do is be peacefully firm and devote in keeping our focus on our own intentions, eh. End aside.)


See now I just went somewhere else so I have to brighten that statement. Creator or All There Is or God or Wakan Takan—whatever name you use to call on your source, doesn’t see problems with creation. It sees the perfection of everything so if you are praying for justice and begging to forgive yourself or others you are slowly allowing the pattern of imperfection to enter your life and it’s hard to create the pattern you wish to have your creation look like when you are guilty for what you have already created. Am I making any sense here? Basically we are here to learn how to master our ability to self create and to take care of the creations already here. Simple, eh.


So without further ado and with thanks to Dawn Exton of weeklyhoroscope.com—ole daniel dowd’s site, (geesha i have a crush on daniel… Did I say that out loud? Oh, pass me some olives to shove in my pie hole:) HERE IT IS!

Now I am a hard core Talking Heads fan so to smash up their music, well… “But”, she said with a smile. It’s funny. Gotta laugh..what’s the alternative:)


Okay, going to go drink some champagne and toast the angels. There are very few times we can tease them and I always make tasting my favorite things look yummier than they are. They are used to me and will show me some humbling moment I have went through until I laugh and then they laugh and if you have ever felt an angel laughing… It is de-LIght-filled!


Have fun tonight and be safe out there and set intentions that you can share with me please so I can share them with others:)


Love ya,