It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. -Charles Darwin, naturalist and author (12 Feb 1809-1882)


The only thing asked of me from the only person I ever wanted to impress was to do the best job I can. My mother never asked much more. Well she asked for help in here garden and my chores around the house too but I got the first one right—most of the time. Well, lately I have been splitting my focus in four different directions and coming up short each way.


I kinda feel the light but haven’t been getting up early enough to see it rise or I work on something but never get it out or pay someone who hasn’t the knowledge to finish the gig or…yada yada sis cum baaahHhhh, but the only common denominator in my story is me! Yikes.


So I’ve decided to streamline. My meditation is easy to keep up with, helping others feels great, and new creative endeavors are a blast and fuel my soul, however, my day to day is getting the short end of the stick.


So as this little blog makes its swan song once again and for the final time, I am going out on the front lines to help out my star seed family and the millennials which I feel more akin to than my own generation. I can be seen on michelelamar.com or researching the communities dedicated to preserving the eco-balance or you may keep in touch with me in the universal field.


CHCHCHCHCHC Changes. It’s time to make the change!








I have been dreaming about my dog that has been on the other side for some years now. She only comes into my dream space to tell me something important, but I can never understand what she is trying to say. She’ll even slow it down for me but then it really sounds like a Peanuts cartoon but with more Shur-like sounds then Wah-womp ones. It could simply be that she is trying to remind me that the Year of the earth Dog is coming up on the 16th. Or maybe she’s telling me to buy a lucky bamboo. Who knows, however it did make me take notice.


If we are all going through energy shifts and waves can you imagine what our beloveds are experiencing and the children too! For example, I’ll be standing there and I’ll look over and there is a child looking up at me. And they always have this serene expression like they know something I don’t know and they want me to tell folks something. But I don’t know what that is!


On the whole animals and children are talking to me, but me—stupid two-legged that I am—don’t understand what they are trying to say. However, I know that love and stillness are the cure-alls I always go to, thus I have been making sure I include them and they take front seat in my prayerful intentions.


I miss having a puppy. That wonderful smell and their amazing senses of humor. My dog would literally wait to pull one on me. I remember coming home from shopping after a big snowfall and I had to peel off my boots and coat and wet socks and gloves and I almost hung myself on the coat rack when I got my scarf all tangled in the hook thingy and by the time I made it to the living room and noticed my red-headed retriever laying not only on my couch but with her head on a pillow and a silly little grin on her face, well all I could do was laugh.


Now my girl couldn’t hold a straight face if you promised her organic locally farm-raised non-GMO bison. She would grin and wiggle and simply shake off her winter coat until she heard me grumbling with my scarf while taking off my boots. Our beloveds can teach us so much about joy if we let them. They have that dance down pat. If you don’t believe me ask a kid, they’ll tell you exactly how it works.


Thank God for the children and the animals in this world. They are truly what give a buoyancy to being balanced. May they be allowed that innocent stage of their existence so they may teach us their delightful dance.


In joy and admiration and in love with my favorite of beings on this planet, the wee ones and puppies and kitties and mice and baby javelinas and kits and… well, here’s to the cute-faces!


“I tickle you, I tickle you, I tickle you,” said the weird tall lady of no maturity!






All my life I was led to believe that the big clearing was going to be a fire and brimstone event leaving only 144,000 alive or that is what they told us in church to separate us and make us vie for those few positions, but most spiritual literature is all metaphor and sacred geometry and should not be taken literally. (Again another reason why meditating is so important.)


When we get still and allow our stardust make-up to form the answer it becomes quite clear. The clearing is the awakened souls letting go of old beliefs and programming. The clearing is the step after the awakening and if you have been awake for a long time it is seeing oneself in extreme HD in a close up. Yikes, so much information. We are clearing all that we have accumulated that is not ours, which—let’s be honest, is a lot.


Those that rule and govern or market to humanity have been trying to keep us asleep for forever. Why do you think the big rush to legalize marijuana and the abuse of children (whether it be sexually or child soldiers) ages keep getting younger and younger. They want to enslave by fear right out of the womb now, however it’s only because they are racing against this big clearing; the clearing where we all wake up in mass.


The lunar eclipse and the solar one coming up on Feb.15th are just a few signs we are deeply in it. Now don’t go all apocalyptic, melodramatic on me. We all have this choice to make. I believe the reason for the 144,000 12 x 12 numeric is a good sign. It has its origins in the 12 great tribes—the original DNA of creation on Earth.


There is no right or wrong in the choices offered. Think of it like it was your grandparents or parents and you want them to leave the cold and come out to sunny wherever so they don’t have to shovel snow and they say, “But all my friends are here and I don’t want to be in your way…” Again there is no right or wrong with any decision. Just make sure it is indeed your decision. And the only way to know that is to be completely present when you make it. We don’t want to have old past regrets and fears making our decisions for us, nooooooo. So please no fears and no procrastinating, its time to let go of all those outdated templates and beliefs we are carrying.


I know it must appear difficult right now, however if we let go the clarity clears the field around us and then there will be so much room in front of us that we will be able to see for miles and light-years beyond!


Wow, I am so grateful to be here for this. It’s amazing. It’s like we are writing are own personal stories everyday. No right-left-right-left marching to any institutionalized drummer. We get to dance around in circles and spiral up and kiss our guardians on the cheek or tickle our mentors. (Please excuse me Sri Sri for braiding your beard again during meditation—how immature:).We are all collectively coming of age—spiritually, and appreciating all those things that make us who we are.


These are magical times, folks and we are all clearing house winners!


And so it is!



PS ~ I would like to thank Makaila again for the inspiring post yesterday. Due to copyright issues I could only leave it up for that day. Being respectful of another’s creation. CosmiChange



Thank you – for Ashleigh & Cuz Larry & Cecilia & Geena & Makaila & especially my Guardians & Great Mother & …


“I have always depended on the kindness of strangers,” said Blanch Dubois as she walked off into the sunset. In some ways so have I. Yesterday I was lifted up by the most amazing light-waves. I was given an aetheric bath and fed the most amazing soup (and that is no exaggeration) and my friends texted me, and my family called and afterward I was presented a lovely post and given the day off. I not only love my friends and blood and starseed families, I adore them.


Sometimes we forget to open our mouths and simply ask for help. We don’t want to appear needy or feel obligated or sometimes we even believe nothing is wrong. I feel good, better than that, I feel clearly awake and processing faster than a new Mac.


All my life I have been God’s coffee filter. If there is something out of alignment, I’d tilt my head and ask, “Do you feel that?” This lovely gift has not made me popular but hopefully it has cleared some of the race consciousness floating about that has no base in truth.


However, I could not do this work without the love of my friends and family. I know so much of my courage and strength come from these individuals that come over and laugh their heads off with me, or sing out loud or serenade me in the evenings so I can have sweet dreams and I did last night (thank you dear Chocolate Tree).


So I am going to return to my toy box and create something pretty with all of you in mind. I don’t think I should be speaking to anyone right now so may I defer to Miss Alannis to speak for me.




I love you all in a big way!




I woke up this morning in a panic. I got on my knees and my guides were immediately there, however they left because I DIDN’T ANSWER THE DOOR!


What is wrong with me? I know I am Divinely loved and they are there for me anytime I ask them, but I either won’t talk to them because I can’t stop my mouth from cussing about all that is wrong or I start busying my mind with prayer. Anxious praying is a lot like worrying.


So I got back on my knees and violet ray blasted and returned all the energies that weren’t mine back to  whence they came and used all my spiritual hygiene to bathe the intensely eclipsed energy (how oxymoronic:) and now I feel a little better.


Then I got all ego-like. (This is where the film noir music comes in and goes all smoky dusty ego-like) and I God-blasted those energies. I demanded they let the people go—and now. I called in the Angels of the Nine-Choirs and made them sing. On the whole I have been a floor-show for my guides today. They are still smiling or crying and sometimes at the same time.


I know nothing inside me can be remedied by something outside of me. I know my world is a manifestation of my thoughts. I have been having trouble everywhere and with everything because I am troubled. So please everyone, sit down with me and let us all compassionately let go of all expectations or at least help me do it.


This eclipse energy is like an eddy. Its whirlpool effect is spinning around trying to release our mis-creations. Just like clothes in a dryer, the centrifugal force is crazy spinning and we are being slammed against the sides of the machine. Great Mother is doing laundry and when she cleans house she uses a tiny paintbrush and a large washer with cycles never seen before on any domestic machine.


Sooooo I am going to get my toys and play. I am going to do my chores first so G-Mom doesn’t come into my room hollering and rotating and getting cold then hot and, well you know how she is!


I’m going to stay out of people’s way and let them come to their own conclusions (unless they fall down right in front of me) and then I am going to rest. I have been sleeping a minimum of ten hours a night to integrate all the movement. The only time I feel like myself is when I get up to watch the sun or bathing in the full moonlight or when I am on my knees in silence.


The Angels are smiling. They are here. They know what we are going through and those that have had human incarnations are doing the best they can to keep up with our situation, so can we at least open the door to them when asking for their assistance?


I love my guardians. They have a great sense of humor and an amazing ability for compassion. Okay… I’m gonna cry… everytime I say there name I cry. I love them so much.  (My autocorrect made so much – smooch.  It finally got something right:)


Maybe I’ll put on a dress and do my hair for them. That wasn’t meant to be funny! I was being serious, whooooooo I’mma tell the Thrones on you!


I wonder if I ask the Cherubim’s to sing Bjork’s Unison if they would do it? Wow now that’s a cover I would love to hear!


I love you all and I am here in it with you too.



PS ~ Also please remember Hollywood (nor Washington, DC for that matter) represents white men in America nor any other stereotype or propaganda they are promoting at present. We are all angelic in being. I am in no way condoning the behavior of rapists and megalomaniacs. I have abuse in my background like most women, however i can not vilify all men in the process. Please have compassion for all that the light is shining upon. With grace we make this journey and so it is. CosmiChange






Oh my what times we are having. It reminds me of the line in the Hopi prophecy that ends with, “Then Great Mother will take over our upbringing.” By now I am sure you have all heard how rare an event we are having this Wednesday morning. The last time it happened was December 30th in 1982 however it was not visible in the United States. This exact configuration hasn’t happened since March 31st of 1866!


What is happening? Well a Super Blue Blood Total Lunar Eclipse is gracing our skies! When the earth passes in between the sun and the moon, its dust (reflected by the sun) covers the moon creating a red hue in orbit. Being this is also a super moon—meaning it appears larger due to its close proximity to the earth, the bloody looking orb is even more bewitching. Plus it is a blue moon—meaning the second full moon in one month, or as the ancients called it the fourth moon in a season.


There are many myths surrounding this event. The Incans thought the sun and moon were battling so they made noise and beat their animals until they howled to demand they stop fighting, yikes. The indigenous peoples of the Americas thought it was a sign of transformation since the moon ruled over our planet. The old Mesopotamians believed the moon was synonymous to the king so they found someone to imitate their king to keep the ruler safe during the ominous bloody turn of events. The African people of Togo and Benin believed it was a time of coming together and resolving old feuds.


The Australian aborigines think of the moon as a fat lazy old man and given the Sun—its female counterpart, had to get up every morning and light the fire and carry it around all day long. Sun-she got mad and had the other women chop off pieces of the fat man-moon until he started to wane before finally disappearing altogether. However he was resurrected in three days and then the dance started all over again. (During a solar eclipse, Moon-man covers the Sun-she and makes love to her.)


The Tibetans believed that during this time your actions (good or bad) are magnified tenfold. In new age spiritualism it is considered to be a time to combat one’s own inner demons and that this auspicious event would give us a boost to take on those things that no longer serve us.


On the whole everyone takes notice and studies the sky with a spiritual reverence during an eclipse. Whatever you believe it is an amazing spectacle. I am going to journal what comes to mind and then let go of anything that does not resonate with the loving frequency of this dance. Red may mean stop to some, but it also is the color we use to draw a heart; and being it’s a blue-blood-super lunar eclipse we will all become regal blue-blooded family members of the firmaments.


It doesn’t matter who leads this dance or what they are discussing when they do their do-si-do. What matters to me is that they are all unified; the sun, moon and earth for over an hour and then some to discuss and celebrate our universe of amazing beauty. What a tango we are privy too!


I don’t know about you but since mom and dad are embracing us, I am going to bay and howl how grateful I am that they are always there, every morning and night and nano-second of my day.


Here’s to our celestial family!


In awe,





Okay now I am going to have to find that kindergarten version of that song. Or maybe it was simply my teacher’s version that influenced the version I hear in my head. All the more, today is a good day, isn’t it? Or better yet it is!


I know we are going through a lot. I can feel it. I’m even hesitant to go to a yoga class because that would open me up even wider for all that is clearing in the aethers right now. Eclipses are always intense but think of it as that good BO that you breathe in when you first fall in love with someone. You know the kind of funk that gets your hormones going. It will make this smelly eclipse a lot easier to handle, but then love makes everything a lot easier to handle.


I feel you.. Our passage to our heart is being blocked by all the old visuals and memories and what not coming up, eh? ..Especially guilt, right? Yeah. Guilt is the chitterling of the emotions. Okay what is as non-appealing as pork intestines but for a vegan? Got it. It’s like you just steamed some black radish and celery root but you can’t open the window because they are tarring the roof of the house. I’m sorry for my carnivorous and smelly images but guilt rests in our gut until we forgive ourselves.


Cmon, we all have it. We all have guilt or anger or the lower registers to clear. Anyone in this fleshy vehicle has it. You don’t think the Dalai Lama feels remorse and guilt for all those he had to leave behind when evicted. We are all connected to that which we love.


Today I am going to pray for all those caring for others and all those recently awakened and all those holding the frequency of guilt and victimhood … I guess I mean all of us. Doesn’t matter if you stole a blue towel and alkaline drops or a million dollars, or a drop of lavender oil or coffee and cigarettes, or someone’s lunch in the third grade, yada-yada and wham bam, we’re forgiven. In fact it was probably something the other person would have given to us anyway or that we had the talent to achieve on our own.


This emotional lunar blue moon is our friend. She is there to help us. I call her she because she is not forceful in that outward patriarchal way. She’s a bitch. She will shake her finger and tail and rotate and pull the tide off us like our mom did the covers when we overslept. So …


Good morning to you! Good morning to you! Let’s go outside and play today! And maybe create something new!


I love ya alllllllllllll!





Okay you have all had me yammering in your ear about something or other and being it’s winter it has gotten a little more personal than it probably should have. However what else do we find within ourselves other than our truthful vision version of this world.


So since I have crudely been speaking my truth about this universe and how we can all connect to the Universal field, I thought I would give you another perspective of our story—Jenny’s version. She is so sweet and very much that kinda mom you want to sit on her lap and have her brush your hair as she intuits the right words to tell you to clean up your space. You’ll like her (i hope:)


Therefore while I learn how to align books on Ingram Spark and other uploadable venues for the written word this weekend (who knew there  was progress on michelelamar.com), please enjoy Jenny and how she surfs the sine-waves of energy coming in to help us release what is no longer serving us. I will be praying that we all manage exfoliating the dead cell we kept ourself in so new growth can come to surface in our collective lives.


So without further ado I give you the Goddess-mom Jenny! https://jennyschiltz.com/seeing-way-patterns-belief-systems/ You may have to do a copy paste to get there so she has credit for visitors on her site. Even light workers must eat folks, although I am trying to learn how to live on only sun and water like a plant but gosh-darn that need for protein and…


“See how easily distracted this energy makes me,” she giggled. Have a great weekend folks and please remember to do your spiritual hygiene. This earthly world is dense enough without adding another’s weight to your matter.


Love ya, off to work said the little elf with her pick axe pencil!



PS – Get ready for our CosmiChange contributor Makaila Shackleford’s new magazine called Kindness! Ah folks if you doubting whether we have anchored into the fifth frequencies don’t. We are here—all together and strongly loving! (music link above, yummy..see ya Monday!)



What happened to winter wonderland? (This is not a blog about global warming.) We aren’t even halfway through the season and I am already craving spring. I miss all the wildlife and their babies and I’m starting to feel trapped by the human experience.


I get it, really I do. I am not complaining about this season. I know winter is for going within and germinating your ideas, for cleansing and deep introspection. It’s for repairing and mending and sorting and organizing and frankly, I’m over it.


I have already weeded out the unnecessary and prepared for my taxes and have begun all the deep health clearing. And there it is. The culprit making my winter wonderland a snow-less expanse of monochromatic colors—my teeth.


I have been having all the bad work in my mouth repaired. The teeth go to the root of one’s earthly existence. They make you go further than this lifetime. The teeth make you address all those things we are in denial about in previous lifetimes.


Yesterday for example I finally saw why I have issues with authority. Whenever I know something to be true I am obligated to discuss that thing with some male superior (which is frequently a megalomaniacal female,) and I end up feeling bullied. Or worse, I end by compromising my instinctual truth with their agenda.


So after two almost identical scenarios in the past week because I gave my power over to some perceived doctor, I am ready for spring. I am ready for the innocence of youth minus all the arrogance of experience.


Again I take responsibility. I literally bamboozled myself. I should have listened to my still quiet voice that echoed with wisdom that day, but no, I let some conceited hotshot call the shots. Now after throwing a tizzy fit I must humbly rectify the situation. What’s the moral to my wintery tale of woe? Trust yourself and floss, floss, floss.


Okay I’m going to go drink my breakfast and maybe sing some Tom Waits. All the work in my mouth is making me sound like him. Cool, eh!


Shiver me timbers!






Good afternoon! You will be happy to know that I have finally stopped my carb/caffeine/cigarette fest I have been having since Montreal. It’s funny I was just telling a friend that most who come to live in the Crystal City of red rocks end up giving up meat and all stimulants but not me. Since living here I use tobacco and flesh for grounding; not a lot but when I get unfocused I give thanks and smudge myself silly.


The frequency is high in my town so I use these things to ground me, but lately I haven’t been craving them. In fact, I have been listening more and hearing those moments we manage to unite. Amazing!


I believe the entire city is on a collective clearing. I have always wondered if we set the same intention let’s say, world peace (yes you can do the beauty king/queen wave if you wish) and held that frequency for let’s say 8 minutes, would a peaceful countenance blanket the planet? I truly believe so, heck when everyone gets angry riots and craziness break out, so I truly believe it would work the same in the alternate direction if a harmonious communal thought took place.


Remember those times we tried guessing what was in each other’s minds? You never did that? Well if you haven’t try it. Sincerely and if you have you’ll remember how close you got to what they were thinking.


We are so more capable than we let on. We have so many talents that have not been explored. When we do we will create new colors and words and arts and our connection will be so strong that a difference of opinion between us will lead to laughter and greater exploration.


Right now when anyone thinks differently than another, our ego gets irritable and tries to make the other person wrong. However when we embrace the idea of differing opinions and maybe even merge the two ideas together, can you imagine what we could create!


That’s what I am looking forward to. That moment when we all collectively sigh and then go about our day in joy and wonder and fascination for what lays ahead. We are so close. So if you are reading this with me, join me in a sigh and a quiet smile.


It’s pretty out there.