Our Vision:


CosmiChange was created as a forum for the community to express and share their knowledge regarding the evolutionary growth of the planet. We are an online viewing station created by an individual for the public. We are here to give voice to our innate knowledge and to help ease any institutional upbringing or programming we were imprinted with, so we may take our place as Universal beings.


Our belief is every person holds an important piece of Creation. We are here to help with awakening the memory of this lost piece so we may rebuild this planet to its original divine blueprint. Thus we revere all life forms equally and live in harmony with life itself. We are not simply humans being, we are alive and are connected to the Universe surrounding us.


Vero nos sanus nostrum lux lucis ~ In Truth we Sound our Light!



CosmiChange.com brings you the latest in scientific discoveries, environmental news, developments in the ascending evolution on Earth, plus ancient to alternative healing techniques and treatments. We inform and applaud the holistic and conscious organizations, sustainable communities and alternative co-habitation sites using eco-responsible practices. We showcase the new inventions in sound & light, music & art and other news dedicated to expanding awareness. We are committed to being a true public media station ~ created for and by the general public.