Bless the Beasts and the Children ~



I have been dreaming about my dog that has been on the other side for some years now. She only comes into my dream space to tell me something important, but I can never understand what she is trying to say. She’ll even slow it down for me but then it really sounds like a Peanuts cartoon but with more Shur-like sounds then Wah-womp ones. It could simply be that she is trying to remind me that the Year of the earth Dog is coming up on the 16th. Or maybe she’s telling me to buy a lucky bamboo. Who knows, however it did make me take notice.


If we are all going through energy shifts and waves can you imagine what our beloveds are experiencing and the children too! For example, I’ll be standing there and I’ll look over and there is a child looking up at me. And they always have this serene expression like they know something I don’t know and they want me to tell folks something. But I don’t know what that is!


On the whole animals and children are talking to me, but me—stupid two-legged that I am—don’t understand what they are trying to say. However, I know that love and stillness are the cure-alls I always go to, thus I have been making sure I include them and they take front seat in my prayerful intentions.


I miss having a puppy. That wonderful smell and their amazing senses of humor. My dog would literally wait to pull one on me. I remember coming home from shopping after a big snowfall and I had to peel off my boots and coat and wet socks and gloves and I almost hung myself on the coat rack when I got my scarf all tangled in the hook thingy and by the time I made it to the living room and noticed my red-headed retriever laying not only on my couch but with her head on a pillow and a silly little grin on her face, well all I could do was laugh.


Now my girl couldn’t hold a straight face if you promised her organic locally farm-raised non-GMO bison. She would grin and wiggle and simply shake off her winter coat until she heard me grumbling with my scarf while taking off my boots. Our beloveds can teach us so much about joy if we let them. They have that dance down pat. If you don’t believe me ask a kid, they’ll tell you exactly how it works.


Thank God for the children and the animals in this world. They are truly what give a buoyancy to being balanced. May they be allowed that innocent stage of their existence so they may teach us their delightful dance.


In joy and admiration and in love with my favorite of beings on this planet, the wee ones and puppies and kitties and mice and baby javelinas and kits and… well, here’s to the cute-faces!


“I tickle you, I tickle you, I tickle you,” said the weird tall lady of no maturity!