Another Clearing House Winner!


All my life I was led to believe that the big clearing was going to be a fire and brimstone event leaving only 144,000 alive or that is what they told us in church to separate us and make us vie for those few positions, but most spiritual literature is all metaphor and sacred geometry and should not be taken literally. (Again another reason why meditating is so important.)


When we get still and allow our stardust make-up to form the answer it becomes quite clear. The clearing is the awakened souls letting go of old beliefs and programming. The clearing is the step after the awakening and if you have been awake for a long time it is seeing oneself in extreme HD in a close up. Yikes, so much information. We are clearing all that we have accumulated that is not ours, which—let’s be honest, is a lot.


Those that rule and govern or market to humanity have been trying to keep us asleep for forever. Why do you think the big rush to legalize marijuana and the abuse of children (whether it be sexually or child soldiers) ages keep getting younger and younger. They want to enslave by fear right out of the womb now, however it’s only because they are racing against this big clearing; the clearing where we all wake up in mass.


The lunar eclipse and the solar one coming up on Feb.15th are just a few signs we are deeply in it. Now don’t go all apocalyptic, melodramatic on me. We all have this choice to make. I believe the reason for the 144,000 12 x 12 numeric is a good sign. It has its origins in the 12 great tribes—the original DNA of creation on Earth.


There is no right or wrong in the choices offered. Think of it like it was your grandparents or parents and you want them to leave the cold and come out to sunny wherever so they don’t have to shovel snow and they say, “But all my friends are here and I don’t want to be in your way…” Again there is no right or wrong with any decision. Just make sure it is indeed your decision. And the only way to know that is to be completely present when you make it. We don’t want to have old past regrets and fears making our decisions for us, nooooooo. So please no fears and no procrastinating, its time to let go of all those outdated templates and beliefs we are carrying.


I know it must appear difficult right now, however if we let go the clarity clears the field around us and then there will be so much room in front of us that we will be able to see for miles and light-years beyond!


Wow, I am so grateful to be here for this. It’s amazing. It’s like we are writing are own personal stories everyday. No right-left-right-left marching to any institutionalized drummer. We get to dance around in circles and spiral up and kiss our guardians on the cheek or tickle our mentors. (Please excuse me Sri Sri for braiding your beard again during meditation—how immature:).We are all collectively coming of age—spiritually, and appreciating all those things that make us who we are.


These are magical times, folks and we are all clearing house winners!


And so it is!



PS ~ I would like to thank Makaila again for the inspiring post yesterday. Due to copyright issues I could only leave it up for that day. Being respectful of another’s creation. CosmiChange