Thank you, my friends ~ With love…


Thank you – for Ashleigh & Cuz Larry & Cecilia & Geena & Makaila & especially my Guardians & Great Mother & …


“I have always depended on the kindness of strangers,” said Blanch Dubois as she walked off into the sunset. In some ways so have I. Yesterday I was lifted up by the most amazing light-waves. I was given an aetheric bath and fed the most amazing soup (and that is no exaggeration) and my friends texted me, and my family called and afterward I was presented a lovely post and given the day off. I not only love my friends and blood and starseed families, I adore them.


Sometimes we forget to open our mouths and simply ask for help. We don’t want to appear needy or feel obligated or sometimes we even believe nothing is wrong. I feel good, better than that, I feel clearly awake and processing faster than a new Mac.


All my life I have been God’s coffee filter. If there is something out of alignment, I’d tilt my head and ask, “Do you feel that?” This lovely gift has not made me popular but hopefully it has cleared some of the race consciousness floating about that has no base in truth.


However, I could not do this work without the love of my friends and family. I know so much of my courage and strength come from these individuals that come over and laugh their heads off with me, or sing out loud or serenade me in the evenings so I can have sweet dreams and I did last night (thank you dear Chocolate Tree).


So I am going to return to my toy box and create something pretty with all of you in mind. I don’t think I should be speaking to anyone right now so may I defer to Miss Alannis to speak for me.




I love you all in a big way!