Knock knock knockin’ on heaven’s door ~


I woke up this morning in a panic. I got on my knees and my guides were immediately there, however they left because I DIDN’T ANSWER THE DOOR!


What is wrong with me? I know I am Divinely loved and they are there for me anytime I ask them, but I either won’t talk to them because I can’t stop my mouth from cussing about all that is wrong or I start busying my mind with prayer. Anxious praying is a lot like worrying.


So I got back on my knees and violet ray blasted and returned all the energies that weren’t mine back to  whence they came and used all my spiritual hygiene to bathe the intensely eclipsed energy (how oxymoronic:) and now I feel a little better.


Then I got all ego-like. (This is where the film noir music comes in and goes all smoky dusty ego-like) and I God-blasted those energies. I demanded they let the people go—and now. I called in the Angels of the Nine-Choirs and made them sing. On the whole I have been a floor-show for my guides today. They are still smiling or crying and sometimes at the same time.


I know nothing inside me can be remedied by something outside of me. I know my world is a manifestation of my thoughts. I have been having trouble everywhere and with everything because I am troubled. So please everyone, sit down with me and let us all compassionately let go of all expectations or at least help me do it.


This eclipse energy is like an eddy. Its whirlpool effect is spinning around trying to release our mis-creations. Just like clothes in a dryer, the centrifugal force is crazy spinning and we are being slammed against the sides of the machine. Great Mother is doing laundry and when she cleans house she uses a tiny paintbrush and a large washer with cycles never seen before on any domestic machine.


Sooooo I am going to get my toys and play. I am going to do my chores first so G-Mom doesn’t come into my room hollering and rotating and getting cold then hot and, well you know how she is!


I’m going to stay out of people’s way and let them come to their own conclusions (unless they fall down right in front of me) and then I am going to rest. I have been sleeping a minimum of ten hours a night to integrate all the movement. The only time I feel like myself is when I get up to watch the sun or bathing in the full moonlight or when I am on my knees in silence.


The Angels are smiling. They are here. They know what we are going through and those that have had human incarnations are doing the best they can to keep up with our situation, so can we at least open the door to them when asking for their assistance?


I love my guardians. They have a great sense of humor and an amazing ability for compassion. Okay… I’m gonna cry… everytime I say there name I cry. I love them so much.  (My autocorrect made so much – smooch.  It finally got something right:)


Maybe I’ll put on a dress and do my hair for them. That wasn’t meant to be funny! I was being serious, whooooooo I’mma tell the Thrones on you!


I wonder if I ask the Cherubim’s to sing Bjork’s Unison if they would do it? Wow now that’s a cover I would love to hear!


I love you all and I am here in it with you too.



PS ~ Also please remember Hollywood (nor Washington, DC for that matter) represents white men in America nor any other stereotype or propaganda they are promoting at present. We are all angelic in being. I am in no way condoning the behavior of rapists and megalomaniacs. I have abuse in my background like most women, however i can not vilify all men in the process. Please have compassion for all that the light is shining upon. With grace we make this journey and so it is. CosmiChange