Oh le Claire de the Super Blue Blood Moon, mon ami you glow!


Oh my what times we are having. It reminds me of the line in the Hopi prophecy that ends with, “Then Great Mother will take over our upbringing.” By now I am sure you have all heard how rare an event we are having this Wednesday morning. The last time it happened was December 30th in 1982 however it was not visible in the United States. This exact configuration hasn’t happened since March 31st of 1866!


What is happening? Well a Super Blue Blood Total Lunar Eclipse is gracing our skies! When the earth passes in between the sun and the moon, its dust (reflected by the sun) covers the moon creating a red hue in orbit. Being this is also a super moon—meaning it appears larger due to its close proximity to the earth, the bloody looking orb is even more bewitching. Plus it is a blue moon—meaning the second full moon in one month, or as the ancients called it the fourth moon in a season.


There are many myths surrounding this event. The Incans thought the sun and moon were battling so they made noise and beat their animals until they howled to demand they stop fighting, yikes. The indigenous peoples of the Americas thought it was a sign of transformation since the moon ruled over our planet. The old Mesopotamians believed the moon was synonymous to the king so they found someone to imitate their king to keep the ruler safe during the ominous bloody turn of events. The African people of Togo and Benin believed it was a time of coming together and resolving old feuds.


The Australian aborigines think of the moon as a fat lazy old man and given the Sun—its female counterpart, had to get up every morning and light the fire and carry it around all day long. Sun-she got mad and had the other women chop off pieces of the fat man-moon until he started to wane before finally disappearing altogether. However he was resurrected in three days and then the dance started all over again. (During a solar eclipse, Moon-man covers the Sun-she and makes love to her.)


The Tibetans believed that during this time your actions (good or bad) are magnified tenfold. In new age spiritualism it is considered to be a time to combat one’s own inner demons and that this auspicious event would give us a boost to take on those things that no longer serve us.


On the whole everyone takes notice and studies the sky with a spiritual reverence during an eclipse. Whatever you believe it is an amazing spectacle. I am going to journal what comes to mind and then let go of anything that does not resonate with the loving frequency of this dance. Red may mean stop to some, but it also is the color we use to draw a heart; and being it’s a blue-blood-super lunar eclipse we will all become regal blue-blooded family members of the firmaments.


It doesn’t matter who leads this dance or what they are discussing when they do their do-si-do. What matters to me is that they are all unified; the sun, moon and earth for over an hour and then some to discuss and celebrate our universe of amazing beauty. What a tango we are privy too!


I don’t know about you but since mom and dad are embracing us, I am going to bay and howl how grateful I am that they are always there, every morning and night and nano-second of my day.


Here’s to our celestial family!


In awe,