Good morning to you, good morning to you!


Okay now I am going to have to find that kindergarten version of that song. Or maybe it was simply my teacher’s version that influenced the version I hear in my head. All the more, today is a good day, isn’t it? Or better yet it is!


I know we are going through a lot. I can feel it. I’m even hesitant to go to a yoga class because that would open me up even wider for all that is clearing in the aethers right now. Eclipses are always intense but think of it as that good BO that you breathe in when you first fall in love with someone. You know the kind of funk that gets your hormones going. It will make this smelly eclipse a lot easier to handle, but then love makes everything a lot easier to handle.


I feel you.. Our passage to our heart is being blocked by all the old visuals and memories and what not coming up, eh? ..Especially guilt, right? Yeah. Guilt is the chitterling of the emotions. Okay what is as non-appealing as pork intestines but for a vegan? Got it. It’s like you just steamed some black radish and celery root but you can’t open the window because they are tarring the roof of the house. I’m sorry for my carnivorous and smelly images but guilt rests in our gut until we forgive ourselves.


Cmon, we all have it. We all have guilt or anger or the lower registers to clear. Anyone in this fleshy vehicle has it. You don’t think the Dalai Lama feels remorse and guilt for all those he had to leave behind when evicted. We are all connected to that which we love.


Today I am going to pray for all those caring for others and all those recently awakened and all those holding the frequency of guilt and victimhood … I guess I mean all of us. Doesn’t matter if you stole a blue towel and alkaline drops or a million dollars, or a drop of lavender oil or coffee and cigarettes, or someone’s lunch in the third grade, yada-yada and wham bam, we’re forgiven. In fact it was probably something the other person would have given to us anyway or that we had the talent to achieve on our own.


This emotional lunar blue moon is our friend. She is there to help us. I call her she because she is not forceful in that outward patriarchal way. She’s a bitch. She will shake her finger and tail and rotate and pull the tide off us like our mom did the covers when we overslept. So …


Good morning to you! Good morning to you! Let’s go outside and play today! And maybe create something new!


I love ya alllllllllllll!