Voices in Harmony ~


Okay you have all had me yammering in your ear about something or other and being it’s winter it has gotten a little more personal than it probably should have. However what else do we find within ourselves other than our truthful vision version of this world.


So since I have crudely been speaking my truth about this universe and how we can all connect to the Universal field, I thought I would give you another perspective of our story—Jenny’s version. She is so sweet and very much that kinda mom you want to sit on her lap and have her brush your hair as she intuits the right words to tell you to clean up your space. You’ll like her (i hope:)


Therefore while I learn how to align books on Ingram Spark and other uploadable venues for the written word this weekend (who knew there  was progress on michelelamar.com), please enjoy Jenny and how she surfs the sine-waves of energy coming in to help us release what is no longer serving us. I will be praying that we all manage exfoliating the dead cell we kept ourself in so new growth can come to surface in our collective lives.


So without further ado I give you the Goddess-mom Jenny! https://jennyschiltz.com/seeing-way-patterns-belief-systems/ You may have to do a copy paste to get there so she has credit for visitors on her site. Even light workers must eat folks, although I am trying to learn how to live on only sun and water like a plant but gosh-darn that need for protein and…


“See how easily distracted this energy makes me,” she giggled. Have a great weekend folks and please remember to do your spiritual hygiene. This earthly world is dense enough without adding another’s weight to your matter.


Love ya, off to work said the little elf with her pick axe pencil!



PS – Get ready for our CosmiChange contributor Makaila Shackleford’s new magazine called Kindness! Ah folks if you doubting whether we have anchored into the fifth frequencies don’t. We are here—all together and strongly loving! (music link above, yummy..see ya Monday!)