Where’s Winter Wonderland ~



What happened to winter wonderland? (This is not a blog about global warming.) We aren’t even halfway through the season and I am already craving spring. I miss all the wildlife and their babies and I’m starting to feel trapped by the human experience.


I get it, really I do. I am not complaining about this season. I know winter is for going within and germinating your ideas, for cleansing and deep introspection. It’s for repairing and mending and sorting and organizing and frankly, I’m over it.


I have already weeded out the unnecessary and prepared for my taxes and have begun all the deep health clearing. And there it is. The culprit making my winter wonderland a snow-less expanse of monochromatic colors—my teeth.


I have been having all the bad work in my mouth repaired. The teeth go to the root of one’s earthly existence. They make you go further than this lifetime. The teeth make you address all those things we are in denial about in previous lifetimes.


Yesterday for example I finally saw why I have issues with authority. Whenever I know something to be true I am obligated to discuss that thing with some male superior (which is frequently a megalomaniacal female,) and I end up feeling bullied. Or worse, I end by compromising my instinctual truth with their agenda.


So after two almost identical scenarios in the past week because I gave my power over to some perceived doctor, I am ready for spring. I am ready for the innocence of youth minus all the arrogance of experience.


Again I take responsibility. I literally bamboozled myself. I should have listened to my still quiet voice that echoed with wisdom that day, but no, I let some conceited hotshot call the shots. Now after throwing a tizzy fit I must humbly rectify the situation. What’s the moral to my wintery tale of woe? Trust yourself and floss, floss, floss.


Okay I’m going to go drink my breakfast and maybe sing some Tom Waits. All the work in my mouth is making me sound like him. Cool, eh!


Shiver me timbers!