Collective Clearing! Yeah..well..kinda..



Good afternoon! You will be happy to know that I have finally stopped my carb/caffeine/cigarette fest I have been having since Montreal. It’s funny I was just telling a friend that most who come to live in the Crystal City of red rocks end up giving up meat and all stimulants but not me. Since living here I use tobacco and flesh for grounding; not a lot but when I get unfocused I give thanks and smudge myself silly.


The frequency is high in my town so I use these things to ground me, but lately I haven’t been craving them. In fact, I have been listening more and hearing those moments we manage to unite. Amazing!


I believe the entire city is on a collective clearing. I have always wondered if we set the same intention let’s say, world peace (yes you can do the beauty king/queen wave if you wish) and held that frequency for let’s say 8 minutes, would a peaceful countenance blanket the planet? I truly believe so, heck when everyone gets angry riots and craziness break out, so I truly believe it would work the same in the alternate direction if a harmonious communal thought took place.


Remember those times we tried guessing what was in each other’s minds? You never did that? Well if you haven’t try it. Sincerely and if you have you’ll remember how close you got to what they were thinking.


We are so more capable than we let on. We have so many talents that have not been explored. When we do we will create new colors and words and arts and our connection will be so strong that a difference of opinion between us will lead to laughter and greater exploration.


Right now when anyone thinks differently than another, our ego gets irritable and tries to make the other person wrong. However when we embrace the idea of differing opinions and maybe even merge the two ideas together, can you imagine what we could create!


That’s what I am looking forward to. That moment when we all collectively sigh and then go about our day in joy and wonder and fascination for what lays ahead. We are so close. So if you are reading this with me, join me in a sigh and a quiet smile.


It’s pretty out there.