Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Good morning!

Okay I have no idea what I am going to say. I have been up since four and I am already exhausted at nine am. I thought eclipses had a time of four days before and after or a delay and then their effects came later, but this lunar eclipse coming up at the end of the month with the blue super full moon on the 31st is slapping me around like a rubber ducky in a bathtub. Even when I try to keep my hands to myself, and stop playing with the water, I still ebb and flow like in a riptide.


It’s an important time right now. One that has been sung about for ages. So many planets in one small space demanding justice and the right to orbit, and for humankind to get their act together.


I don’t care if a dozen hundred communist-capitalist alien cannibals with low self-esteem came and took our voice boxes, why did we open our mouths and consent to it? At some point we gave permission. I know it’s not mankind’s fault we were trusting and innocent and thought —sparkly bliss, oooh yeah. And those that didn’t respond to materialism were beat into submission so now we are all walking around realizing if that jerk or black guy or woman or son of a bushwhacked pirate can become president then…


When seeing an imbalance, why do we automatically want to correct it by creating the same imbalance in reverse? I blame those silly scales we see that blind woman holding. They look identical on both sides and they match and weigh the same so they are fine. Yeah right!


Well I don’t look like anyone. And after my accidents I don’t sound like anyone, and I surely don’t think like another. I am simply myself and I am trying not to cut myself in two to create an outside vision of wholeness.



We are that we are and that is fine. So while all the planets in the universe conspire to make us aware and take the blinders off of those that think they are king or queen or rule over something, let’s learn to love the idiot of synchronies that we are. I don’t measure my worth in inches or even meters or grams and ounces. I am a one of a kind so I am very rare and priceless and so are you!



So let’s go retro or in the future —even time has no constraints over us anymore— and listen as a Fifth Dimension sings us into this new year journey with joy and compassion and perfect health and a sense of humor, folks. Ground that into the planet and give thanks that she allows us to live here. Pay her rent by keeping your space clean and consensually love her and let love, love you back. Now let’s all breathe deeply and let go of being upset that someone isn’t acting like we wish they would.


Nothing is nearly as bad as everyone is making out. It’s like surfing ; scary at first and then downright frightening until it becomes exhilarating! Yikes, yippee and again please!


God I love living!