Oh my, someone stole Wednesday!


For days now I have been working on something where my contract doesn’t start for a month. I don’t mind. It’s creative work but it has been stealing time from this site so I have to start making me a priority again.


I spoke with a cousin of mine and he reminded me of this too. He even told me to go shopping and think of me only. Well my cousin Dot? The one I wrote about some months back ? You know the most beautiful woman …anyway she perfected that technique in strategy. She is also the one that had me screaming in a store to take me home too. See.. now you remember.


Me I like road trips to clear my mind. I have to clear the visuals to clear my thoughts sometimes. Now you can’t close your eyes while driving but there is something about the time and distance that erases all the unnecessary for me—not to mention the movement itself.


I love a change of environment. It immediately grounds me. I turn off all the electricity and sit in silence or listen to nature sing and I am one happy camper!


So why don’t we all steal our day back and go somewhere where only our scent and Great Mother’s essence take focus. I think we deserve to spoil ourselves. When we are saturated with a loving frequency everything looks wonderful and feels better too.


I believe we all deserve some of our well-intentioned time and love today. Here is an emotional love-cup filled to overflowing to get you started.