It’s Thursday already!


Oh my, I was to have a blog out to you yesterday and it’s already Thor’s day. Don’t throw a bolt at me. ..Or maybe it’s Jupiter day and I am going to be lucky, lucky, lucky.


It’s only eleven days into the New Year and I am already behind, yikes. I just heard my old Tai-chi instructor, Jim, ask me “What’s that feel like?” He would always ask me this when I had my butt poked out in an awkward position or turkey craning my neck or slouching… “What’s that feel like?”


Those are powerful words. The world has us moving so fast that we don’t often check in to see what we are feeling. What are you feeling like? Be honest with yourself, no one’s watching. You’re home. What are you feeling like?


I have been vacillating between extreme tension in my shoulders. I’ve been editing film and text at the computer for hours on end for days now. I wake up with disturbing thoughts while I’m smiling at some lovely dream I can’t remember and the tops of my feet hurt. Strange.


I think it’s because I am absorbing the race consciousness in the air. People must be feeling insecure in their first chakra, you know, worrying about survival. Well whatever is going to happen will, unless you alter its course.


We 21st century humans are forgetting how to problem solve. And computers can’t teach how to be cognitive. If something is out of alignment maybe we could take it in hand and with a sincere voice explain what it is we wish to have happen.


I never read the news so I know my teeter-tottering isn’t from an outside source. I have been trying to share myself with others instead of sitting in my house playing with my toys all the time. I like playing with my toys.


I wonder if becoming a senior citizen is really like returning to grade school. I have a full supply of glue, glitter, watercolors, paste, pencils and all kinds of different paper—colored and plain, ruled and raw and big sheets and easel sized. I love art supplies. They make me feel rich. I believe it’s because I get to create something. I get to make my thoughts manifest!


Maybe enjoying our own creations is the ticket. Let’s give the TV and radios and internet a rest for a minute. Okay on that note I think I shall take my own advice and get my bum off this chair and out into nature.


It’s time to inspire me today! Aahh I just looked outside and the sky looks like a dry ocean.


I’m a cloud-whale, woman!