It takes the village to bring up the community ~


We need each other. Our growth is reflected in the faces of others . I used to feel sorry for myself that at the peak of my existence all was taken; my looks, my career, my posture and my voice. Without the compassion of others and their ability to look beyond and listen from the heart, I would have faded away.


I am here as a result of the spiritual generosity of others. I don’t mean financially. I mean the soul sharing that has allowed me to feel connected. Last night was filled with revelations of the soul-sharing experience. It was divine in all the ways that word resonates within you. We are born but never separated from the vine of the universal flow.


Like the elements, the sky can’t play with the sea unless it is reflected in water colors upon its surface. I am very sonar. I go to the depths to listen but I’m like a high-functioning Asperger baby when out in the air. This is why I don’t resonate with music that has more notes than tempo. I need, crave and feel best when grounded.


I have many bird-like friends and butterfly beings that I adore and love. They exist in high vibrational fields. They simply are enlightened. However, a lot of people on spiritual paths search out the high field frequencies like yuppies did cocaine in the 80s. Is that bliss?


Bliss to a goldfish is plankton. Bliss to a whale is krill. Bliss to a dog is a pat on the head while they peacefully gnaw on their bone. These beings are never separated from their source. They wouldn’t even know how to go about it so bliss is easy and can be on the outside.. However bliss to us Hu-mankind in these fleshy bodies is feeling that connection within all of God-matter.


Now this doesn’t always appear like an angel or sound harp-like sometimes it takes a gong and a flat C to get a point across but that sound vibrates at a lot higher frequency because it is the TRUTH. I can hear the truth. I can feel the truth. I can sense the truth. So what if sometimes it takes getting angry to finally speak your truth. The reward is everyone grows from that knowledge. Truth is to words like the heart is to the body. It is what instantaneously connects us.


So with love to all the angels last night that included me in their spiritual journey, you helped me so much. You all moved a huge emotional boulder out of my way last night that I could have never moved on my own.


With all my heart,


Michele of Cc