We need you!


Good afternoon dear friends. How are you? Well as I try to teach myself how to program computers the rest of the world is talking about Oprah’s speech last night. They are enamored and are talking about an Oprah presidential campaign in the future.


I have never seen any ‘ocracy or government work for the people. Especially now since we have invited corpocracy as the new ism. (Corpocracy ~ A corporate bureaucracy, characterized by ineffective management. A society where the interests of large corporations control economic and political decisions. Yourdictionary.com)


Out with capitalism and in with corporatism. We have allowed business to take over the governing of mankind. Is it really another businessperson we need in office? I am not saying Oprah wouldn’t be a good President, because I think she would do the job fine and with integrity, I just think we need another New Deal, Sputnik type push for innovations and patents to lift this economy. America needs to start producing things again.


Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t think stuff is the way to go either. I am still upset from going from a client to a customer to a consumer to a unit. I don’t think we have seen yet what we really need. That would take us joining our hearts and taking responsibility for our own creating of our lives.


I am over every paradigm that has already been created to expand things because all we think of when growing is going up or getting taller or being more than. When we all accept we are that we are as well as everyone else too then that individual in the collective has a part in society’s whole again. Right now we are still looking for some prince or leader or mother or person in congress to make our opportunities for us. To quote Katt Williams of all people, “They call it self-esteem for a reason!” Meaning, you can’t get it from others.


What will it take for us to embrace heroes with an extraordinary authentic humanitarian abundance of ethical love and harmony?


And then again, everything we are searching for, we already are and have. We simply need; air – a good deep breathe of relaxation and distance from outside problems entering our personal spheres, and earth – a home to create and flourish in, and fire – a passionate purpose that helps the soul to grow instead of only trying to expand our wallet. If we help our soul’s journey, we aid all life in the making, right. And of course water – when we hydrate and nourish ourselves and accept our shadow as well as humbly embracing our talents then the divine Universal flow of life will always be available to us. We are all needed to make this picture of universal harmony come true!


Oh my friends, no leader or President or even spiritual talk show billionaire maven or blogger:) can take us where we already are. We are our own free, sovereign, God-matter so we should treat ourselves with respect and admire the gods-in-making that we are.


Let’s heed our inner wisdom and intuition. Let’s create our spaces to reveal our individual style and beauty. It’s simple to replace what we deplete and use only what we need. And we shall all play and work well together. It’s more fun than the alternative and let’s never forget we are all related!


So my relations, my family, my heart made manifest as you, “How the heavens are you doing today?”


With deep blessings for you on your journey,