Let’s make the New Year NEW!

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(I choose Gabrielle Rollenhagen’s image because the beautiful blue heron helps the shepard keep compassionate watch by holding a rock in her talon so if she ever falls asleep the rock falls and wakes them both. Together we can and will do this folks!)


This is a new year so let’s try and do things a little differently. All my life I have been dyslexicly arrogant. Meaning I played dumb for my survival. I could see the energy signature around others and feel their thoughts (Hi, my fellow Empaths) or see the pattern emerging in a puzzle until it was easily solved, (nothing like Tesla, mind you) but I would see the lines of energy.


Well at four when I saw those lines I went into the kitchen and told my mom I was going to make the TV a theater and she wished me well. The very next day I had an experience that put me to sleep for years. Why do I bring this up, because a lot of spiritual geniuses are being awakened and are coming out of those woods and they are hungry and we need to be there for them with something warm and comfy. It’s hard to be ripped awaken out of your spiritual bed like a hot dog slipping out of its bun with a bite, (sorry for that image vegans:).


Now nothing scares me more than someone who has been in the shadows but has recently emerged into the light for a few years. They go on a search for God like it’s only their business. They have doctrines and crystals and anointing oils and books. They take classes and get made over and rebirthed and retrieved and a thousand other names we in the Theater call preparing for a scene and then the scene comes.


They know God personally and have the answers and are going after the villain of their story in, as Flo says, “Grace and perfect ways,” but (okay you knew I was going to be a spiritual ass about now:) butt they do this by using the same hierarchies and patterns that have always been used. They simply become the hero now. So again I say, “No matter how heroic the death it is still murder…yes even that mosquito.”


I know things are ugly out there. Some people need a good Cher-like Moonstruck slap, “Get over it.” Unfortunately things have got to fall down before you can rebuild them. Okay an analogy for the girliefolks – If you keep putting nail polish on the same cracked spots what will your hands look like?


You can try erecting a building on a ruin but the old energy and unlevel foundation will make it bumpy and unstable. And those that still believe they hold claim to this planet; (An aside: Earth is a living entity and you cannot lay claim to Her. She is my mother and everyone else’s and she has no favorites. That bit of personification is truly Hu-man made.) should have another thought coming. Go in the kitchen and tell your mom to make a sandwich and then tell her that you own her. Now throw your napkin on the floor and see how she reacts. Hmmm Earth Mother is a lot more compassionate to jerks eh:)


Okay it’s a new year so how are we going to do things differently. Well I am going to ask for help. Anyone know how to take the archive stage off of the new Tesseract template so all that work finding the right picture and writing this blog will be there at your fingertips again?


I am going to stop playing airy-fairy sugary “Spiritually cute sounding”by grounding in the higher vibration field and it will not always sound like Chopin.


I am going to write for myself (my books at least) every weekday for a few hours. Heck if I don’t put myself first who will, eh.


And lastly I am going to love you all and everyone no matter what you do. Yeah even you Hawk-man. You made me strong!


So to all those grounded in their practices take your shoes off and show your iron spirit! Raise the frequency of rubber so it can bounce without having to go back to the old position. That is not even possible anyway. Every moment is new so we must remember to encourage ourselves every single moment of the day! We can do this.—return this planet to Eden-esque form. Heck we can even go one better than that. Remember when fairies and elves and centaurs and hybrids roamed the land with us? Remember when we had no xenophobia?


Here’s to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. I see you pouring wine in that Aquarian jar:) Can I have a sip?



With love and respect and admiration and awe for all living entities!




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