Happy New Year Everyone!

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Happy full moon too!


I have been trying to think of something to acknowledge this newest of years since yesterday but that big ole full moon has wiped my mind clean. It’s strange but I really haven’t a thought in my head or heart. I have pulled cards and read my favorite light-workers and I still have nothing inspiring to say.


I almost didn’t write anything this morning—again, for fear that I would project my condition onto you; but I can’t even feel what condition my condition is in…drrnng-dah… (Okay one day I’ll add a link for those too young to know that musical reference.)


I woke up with a litany of weird thoughts passing through my mind like lost single socks. Some of these thoughts weren’t even in my belief system and some others were things I had no idea I was still upset with. These sticky strands of stringy thoughts are hard to get off ya, too. I had to sit down and meditate and then stretch and then drink a couple of glasses of hot water to finally clear the gooey nagging and then nothing. Not a thing in my mind at all, hmmmmm.


Maybe it’s the chem-trails again. It’s like they bombard us with this chemical crap to keep our minds muddled but stop so we can clearly shop for the holidays and buy stuff to entertain ourselves and then it’s back to normal— being bom-bamboozled..:)


Well not for 2018! Nah that will not work this year! If we want our lives to change in peaceful, beautifully sparkling ways, where we thrive and enjoy living; then we have to be truly committed to living this year.


I have been up-ing my game in setting intentions for the planet too. But mostly I have been diligently practicing letting go of all of it. My attachment and worry and expectations and outcomes and fear and judgment and shyness and depression and…


The world looks the same as it always has been to me. Maybe that is why I am being shown my participation to the way it looks, so I will finally look at it objectively. I have a hard time doing that. I always like wearing rose-glasses (at least trying to see the good in everything) but when wearing my clear glasses I sober up immediately. My eyes rest. They don’t scamper around looking here and there. They rest on one thing and take that in fully.


It’s remarkable. I have already grown this year. Hopefully this isn’t just my ambitious excitement with having a new year to play with. Well who cares if the clarity lasts for a week or a few hours I am going to enjoy seeing things beautifully as they are today. Until something else takes focus and I nurture that.


But truly, enough about me. How are you doing today in this newest of years?


Wow, that sounds perfect!





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