Happy New Year’s Eve!

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Okay before you start celebrating and if you are already toasted on cooking wine and sugar or caffeine that’s okay too because I have something worthy of your vices! No not a resolution, I resolutely say set intentions all year long anyway. Nah, this is something fun.


Please don’t take it politically, and get all bent out of shape. I would never commit sacrilege to your beliefs and views. (An Aside – However, there is strange justice on a free will planet because everyone gets to do what they wish. So let’s not get mad at Creator that some people set cruelly bizarre intentions, all we can do is be peacefully firm and devote in keeping our focus on our own intentions, eh. End aside.)


See now I just went somewhere else so I have to brighten that statement. Creator or All There Is or God or Wakan Takan—whatever name you use to call on your source, doesn’t see problems with creation. It sees the perfection of everything so if you are praying for justice and begging to forgive yourself or others you are slowly allowing the pattern of imperfection to enter your life and it’s hard to create the pattern you wish to have your creation look like when you are guilty for what you have already created. Am I making any sense here? Basically we are here to learn how to master our ability to self create and to take care of the creations already here. Simple, eh.


So without further ado and with thanks to Dawn Exton of weeklyhoroscope.com—ole daniel dowd’s site, (geesha i have a crush on daniel… Did I say that out loud? Oh, pass me some olives to shove in my pie hole:) HERE IT IS!

Now I am a hard core Talking Heads fan so to smash up their music, well… “But”, she said with a smile. It’s funny. Gotta laugh..what’s the alternative:)


Okay, going to go drink some champagne and toast the angels. There are very few times we can tease them and I always make tasting my favorite things look yummier than they are. They are used to me and will show me some humbling moment I have went through until I laugh and then they laugh and if you have ever felt an angel laughing… It is de-LIght-filled!


Have fun tonight and be safe out there and set intentions that you can share with me please so I can share them with others:)


Love ya,



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