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Karmichange is now CosmiChange!  We are still exploring the changes of the planet's ascension from a third to fifth dimensional frequency using various creative modalities and the entertaining experience of being human during these times but without all the old karma.  We have burned that away and are mulching it into the new now!  All content is copyrighted by unless otherwise cited. Please feel free to share but have the common courtesy to credit the source. Thank you!

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Good morning my evolving revolving world! 


It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. -Charles Darwin, naturalist and author (12 Feb 1809-1882)

The only thing the only person that I ever wanted to impress asked of me was to do the best job I can. My mother never asked much more. Well she asked for help in here garden and my chores around the house too but I got the first one right—most of the time. Well, lately I have been splitting my focus in four different directions and coming up short each way. I kinda feel the light but haven't been getting up early enough to see it rise or I work  on something but never get it out or pay someone who hasn't the knowledge to finish the gig or...yada yada sis cum baaahHhhh, the only common denominator in the story is me! Yikes...   (read more)



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Every Moment is New!


Every single nano-second of our day is new. We are all self-correcting little human computers of light waves emulating the firmaments above our heads and I like it! I haven’t had time to update the techno side of things. For example remote driven trucks are coming soon. Thus the last place where we have a true blue collar job that could send a child to college to expand the lineage will be downsized immediately. We have to think of how we are expanding things, unless we simply plan on welfare taking care of people until we can legally kill off the excess labor force with bad food and pharmaceuticals. But that is a sad tale of woe that we have a chance to change, which brings me to my next point. I have started another website...  And there are new videos on this page too!


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taking the fifth

Is being a grown man or a mature woman so bad?


We always think when something is new it is better. Even if you are an antique hound like myself, I still love the new find the best.  Where am I going with this? Well it’s something I have wanted to write about for a while but didn’t want to alienate anyone however…

Why are women competing with their daughters and fathers with their sons? I remember when working on an exhibition, a photographer asked me this exact question. He was a South African photographer who had  become famous for getting the word out about Apartheid. After Mr. Magubane asked me that question I watched and as sure as he said it, American women were trying to be sexually viable well into their sixties and even seventies. We women have been made to believe our only value...   (read more)

Taking the Fifth